Sin City Presents Magazine December 2018 Volume 5 Issue 11 - Page 30



For this issue of " Sin City Presents" I would like to introduce readers to the band Knee High Fox. To give a little back story on how I discovered this band was back in January 28 in 2017 I had made plans to see Powerman 5000 at LVCS but the venue got shut down and they moved the Powerman 5000 gig to the Dive Bar. I had no idea who Knee High Fox was, but I am always open to seeing the opening band. Krsy Fox who is the lead singer of “Knee High Fox” was nice enough to take time out and take time out of her day to talk to me about her band.

How long has Knee High Fox been around? Where does the name come from?

“Well we started our first single “Black Widow“ in 2013. Simon the bass player and I had been playing music together a long time before that. We had actually had a record deal really early on, had a bunch of music written and no name. The pressure was on so Knee High Fox kind of popped into my head, I felt like it described us well.”

How did the band form? Is current lineup all original members?

Simon and I were playing together in Canada where we’re from. After returning from a writing trip in LA I told him I’m moving to LA in 9 days and you have to come with me. He said ok, and we’ve lived here 10 years now and there’s no turning back for us. The other members have changed over the years but Simon and I started this band so we’ve always been the heart of it. Knee High Fox” had our first gig with our official band name at The Viper Room on Sunset Blvd. They really embraced us, as well as our LA fans. We did a residency there early on, and still play the Viper as much as we can. It’s always a special place for Knee High Fox.

I’m always curious about what influences bands have on their music and make them who they are. Who are some of your influences?

We listen to a lot of the same stuff on tour. For me I have a wide range of music I listen to. I love artists like Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Billie Eilish, Die Antwoord, Aerosmith, Arctic Monkeys, NIN, and of course one of my biggest influences growing up was Marilyn Manson. It was an incredible experience when we got to tour with him a few times. He’s puts on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Simon loves Manson too, Rammstein, Our Lady Peace, (well we all love those bands), old school punk, and Eminem. Sam our guitar player is really into Alice In Chains, a lot of grunge and guitar focused bands. As I said we like a lot of variety.

Do you have a memorable or funny story that happened while touring or on stage or recording a song?

Pretty much any night on the Manson tour would qualify. We played his really cool place with him on The Day of the Dead in Shreveport LA, called Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. It was above an old abandoned morgue. After the show they gave Manson and I a tour of the place. It was insanely creepy. Across the street was one of the oldest graveyards in America. We broke in of course. We had so many fun nights with him and his band and crew.

For myself songs take on very special meaning and gives me connection to what is going on in my life. So, I wondered what song did the band write that means a lot to them and why?

This new album has been a really special writing process. I really connected to writing the song ‘Relapse’. It’s about a bad relationship you finally get yourself out of but it’s such an addiction you want to keep slipping back into it. I think almost everyone has been there at some point. It’s always a dark place to be, but when you write a song, I feel you should be very honest and show yourself. Also, the day I wrote ‘Witch’ a close friend of mine died. The song started out with a nod to my cat who’s my best friend haha, and a lot of nods to different spooky things I love. But now every time I play it I always think of my friend Kel.

Readers might not know this about me but ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be a singer of a band . I have dabbled in it over the years singing in high school musical plays and auditioning and getting to perform a song in front of an audience of over 500 and trying out for bands in my early 20’s. In the last decade my only singing has been on the stage of Rock Star Karaoke at the House of Blues Restaurant in Las Vegas along with several little spots one can feel like a rock star singing in front of an audience.

I was taken by how powerful and passionate Krsy Fox is when she performs with her band and wanted to know why she decided to become a lead singer of a band?