Sin City Presents Magazine December 2018 Volume 5 Issue 11 - Page 28





Photo Credit: Photography of Leah Burlington

If you can dream it we can bring it to life. We’re very fortunate to be able to work on some pretty extreme and down right cool projects in Las Vegas, and when we got the call for sound and lighting for a floating stage in the middle of the Bellagio Fountains on the Las Vegas Strip….. well it was on! You’re probably thinking to yourselves…. all of that electrical equipment in the middle of a body of water…are they crazy? Maybe a little.

Every activation comes with it’s unique needs but add to that the challenge of a LIVE performance to take place in the middle of a body of water and the fact the surprise performance by “Panic At The Disco” was top secret… and was only announced a few hours in advance this project was unique in the extreme.

Like the Vegas Golden Knights AV Vegas is Vegas Born and having the opportunity to work with local entertainers and artists to create an elevated fan experience says so much about our community.

How it went down… What many do not know is that behind the scenes an in the depth of inner workings of nearly every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip lies a labyrinth of tunnels and passageways.

Upon our arrival the day before the show we were lead to “the cave” where we were taken to a rectangular barge that was moored to a walkway along the channel to the main pool. The barge was a mere 8’X12′ vessel, topped with steel, and handrails on 3 sides, with trolling motors on either end. Stepping on, it felt stable enough to trust, however as we loaded the gear on, it listed a bit too the side, making the first trip a nervous one. With the gear loaded, we set off from the dock.

The pilots from the Bellagio had clearly played this game before, expertly steering away from the dock, and into the main pool. They brought us around the extensive banks of fountain nozzles, and to the stage, gracefully setting the open side of the barge against the decks, and using the motors to hold position.