Sin City Presents Magazine December 2018 Volume 5 Issue 11 - Page 26

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Metal Babe: I’ve been reading/listening to your lyrics and it sounds like you are definitely trying to make a statement. What is the overall message you are putting out there?

Frank: That judging a book by its cover is the worst approach when it comes to people. There is no way to know someone until you interact with them. See what they’re all about through normal discovery. Also, that there are choices to make in life and sometimes those don’t go so well. Other times it’s entirely successful and that realization in itself is cold comfort.

Metal Babe: True. Let’s talk about the first two songs you have released for your upcoming EP, “Redemption” and “The Pretender.” What can you tell me about these songs?

Frank: These two songs are an introduction to Dorian Storm and his abilities as a vocalist. While they both have a different approach to singing, they’re tied together by what Dorian knows how to do. This is laying out a partial path of what the next album will have to offer.

Metal Babe: What is your plan for the upcoming EP? Do you plan to continue to release one song at a time? Will you be releasing any videos?

Frank: We have released two songs for ‘2 Step Boom’ and will be making a video for “Redemption.” These will both release at the same time, but they are being pushed one at a time. And that will be going on for a while for “The Pretender.” “Redemption” is next and will have the video to go along with it.

Metal Babe: Great! You mentioned recently that you have a vision statement for each album, and for ‘City of the Dead,’ it’s “Listen to the vision.” I really like the idea of a vision statement for an album. It definitely makes people want to learn more. How did this idea come about for you?

Frank: I believe in the vision statement. The most successful companies that I’ve worked for or worked with have been the ones that have had a vision and/or mission statement. Common ground to stand alongside.

For albums this doesn’t work because of the nature of what’s happening. But for an album, each one to me has a vision statement associated with what it is. In order to listen to the vision, you’ll have to hear what is being said to understand the overall statement.

Metal Babe: I love that idea. What final words would you like to say to our readers?

Frank: I love making music. Take the chance to listen and be carried away!

Metal Babe: Thank you for your time Frank! I am really happy to be working with you and Staren Black through MBM Music!

Frank: Thank you Alison. I enjoyed the time we’ve had together here and am looking forward to more with MBM Music!

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