Sin City Presents Magazine December 2018 Volume 5 Issue 11 - Page 15

JR: Seventeen albums to date. First record was in 1983. I was a teenager when I did that one. The latest is 2018 Sin City Rejects "Death of a Nation". We're planning another one already, possibly a live album.

4. What are the hardest & easiest things about being a musician?

JR: The easiest for me is performing and playing. I practice every day so it's second nature. The hardest is probably any down time. I have to stay busy all the time. Working is my motivation and my passion. I'm pretty busy right now so life is good!

5. Any advice about the music industry and how to become successful?

JR: Get your name out there and stay relevant however you have to. The more people you know, the busier you'll be. As far as the music industry goes, it's changed a lot. Live performances and radio play is how you make money on songs from record releases. Unit sales are not what they once were.

6. Who are your favorite guitarists?

JR: Jeff Beck, Steve Stevens, Al Di Meola, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, EVH

7. What was your first guitar?

JR: My first guitar was a plastic guitar. Haaa. An acoustic came after that, then in 1977 an Ibanez Les Paul copy. In 1981 an Ibanez Destroyer II.

8. How often do you practice?

JR: Every day. Anywhere between a few hours, up to six.

Johnny Roxx in the audience with his hand in the air to the left of Paul Stanley

9. What are some of your standout memories in your career?

JR: Performing in front of John Lennon producer Jack Douglas in 2008. That was pretty mind blowing. Being in a band with Jake E. Lee was great too! Touring with Greg Kihn is at the top as well. We had so much fun.

10. What are some things you do besides playing?

JR: My wife and I love thrift stores. Dana owns her own business (Haus Of Roxx) so we're always out and about hunting. It's really fun! I love drawing pictures and creating art.

Thanks Johnny Roxx for answering our top reader's questions for us. Until next time!

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