Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 9

peers that I thought I would take over the metal world with, kicked me out of the band for another singer. Well, that gave me motivation to do something about it. I took vocal lessons from Davis Gloff for a short period of time. Soon after the lessons, I went back to them and they saw a huge difference in my capabilities. We continued to rock for another four years.

METAL BABE: Wow, that’s great.

DANNY: That’s really where I developed my style, and contribute my power and range to. That band was called Medieval Metal. I had the best time of my life with those guys… And gal! Shelly Baron was our female bassist who was considered, just one of the guys. I remember how she rocked a cover of ” by Manowar! You know that chorus saturated bass line at the beginning of the song? She pulled it off perfectly.

METAL BABE: Way to go Shelly! What advice do you have for singers who want to hit a high-octave range while preserving their voice?

DANNY: From my personal education and experience, I found “breath control” to be the secret. Learn the basics of that, and it’ll do wonders for any singer.

METAL BABE: Sounds like good advice. Breath control is definitely important. You play a lot of shows locally? What’s the scene like in PA?

DANNY: Ask any musician in the music scene here in PA and they’ll tell you that the music scene anywhere other than here, is better. That’s what any musician will tell you about any hometown music scene. It’s just okay.

METAL BABE: That’s funny. I’m sure you’re right! Do you ever play with Corners of Sanctuary

DANNY: Yes… I love those guys in COS! I became friendly with Mick Michaels through the local scene and he is a super nice guy and great guitarist. Those guys are gigging workhorses! I wish we could play as much as them. We played a show with them and we’re talking about doing more in the future.

METAL BABE: I’m really glad to hear that. I love COS too. Hopefully you end up doing more shows together. Since this is a Vegas-based magazine, we always ask a question about Las Vegas. If you could put together your perfect show in Vegas, who would play and where would it be?

DANNY: Well of course, in a dream, since we’re in Vegas, I would love to open up for the King of “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Elvis Presley. Warming up the show before us would be a different type of act but great nonetheless… The infamous, David Copperfield! The venue would probably be in the conference room at some sleazy motel just off of the strip.

METAL BABE: Very creative. What is next for Crown of Earth? You’re working on a follow-up release?

DANNY: Oh yeah…. We’ve been working on some new songs and really putting Vinny to work behind the drums. He thrives on the up-tempo beats. We also have a song that I’m in love with and I just can’t wait to record. I’m very proud of the guys and how it sounds. It’s called “On The Edge Of Time.” It’s very well put together. MarkyZ wrote some great words for the song. It just rocks and I love playing it.

METAL BABE: Can’t wait to hear it! What final words would you like to say to our readers?

DANNY: I can’t thank you enough Alison, and I know for a fact, speaking for all of us in Crown of Earth, we truly appreciate people like you that seem to care about metal and the people in our industry, to help promote it and keep the music alive and well. Without you, it would be hard to care and share. Keep up the good work!

METAL BABE: Aww. Thank you so much. I appreciate that, and am glad that Online Metal Promo and Sin City Presents Magazine gave us this opportunity!

DANNY: You’re welcome. I’d love to hear from anyone that might stumble onto our work and give it a listen. Please visit our website for more info and updates at Also like us at

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METAL BABE: Thank you for your time Danny. It’s been a pleasure!

DANNY: Thank you Alison! Get those Crowns Up - Up the Crowns!

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