Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 52


Iron Maiden & Ghost


Iron Maiden & Ghost T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas 7-3-17 By: Leah Burlington

Iron Maiden came back through Las Vegas on their second leg of the “Book of Souls” worldwide tour with opening band, Ghost. When Maiden comes to town, it’s usually a three day weekend party. But this show was on a Monday night so it was more like a two night party. I met up with a bunch of friends from out of town and we went to Count’s Vampd to see the Iron Maidens at the Maiden Fan Club pre party on Sunday night. This is becoming an ongoing ritual for fan club members from all over the world to get together at Vamp’d and party before the actual concert. Lots of Trooper beer was on hand as well as the amazingly talented Derek Riggs, who created Maiden’s mascot Eddie and painted most of their early album covers. He had a nice set up of posters and poker chips for sale commemorating the Vegas show. The show was completely sold out and standing room only. This has happened every time there is a fan club pre party at Vamp’d. The Maiden’s kicked our asses as always!!

Day of show: It’s HOT! Like 108 degrees hot and there are people lined up early for the show to get onto the floor. My friends and I, from Finland and Atlanta have floor tickets. To me there is NO way I will do seating at a Maiden show. I have snuck down to the floor at a few Maiden shows to get close to the barricade and this one I am early enough to get really close and also to see one of my fave new bands, GHOST.

My friend Voitto and I walk up, almost all the way to the barricade and I think, this is super cool and if I can stand it here for the whole show without getting killed, I will be a happy metal head! So, I am one person from the stage and after some waiting patiently when GHOST comes on. I can tell there’s not a lot of people up front here that even are fans of them, but I am and the girl next to me is and we both rock out and sing to all the songs. I am able to snap off some kick ass shots of Papa on my cell phone and am stoked thinking, holy shit!!! I am gonna get killer shots of Maiden too!! GHOST kicked ass like they always do and Papa taunts the audience and jokes around like he always does and they put on a fantastic show.

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