Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 47


I had a fantastic night seeing some kick ass live rock n roll with Quiet Riot downtown at the Nugget!! New singer, James Durbin is such an excellent singer and front man. He did a great job fronting this legendary band!!! They sounded sonically perfect and the lights were great in the theater in The Golden Nugget. Frankie Banali, Chuck Wright, and Alex Grossi rocked hard and had a blast with their new singer. These guys put on a killer show! My only complaint was: Seats suck. Especially at a metal show!! I want to feel the energy exchange from the band to the audience and visa -versa. You can't do that sitting on your ass. In the words of the infamous Dee Snider: There is NO sitting in heavy metal!! But it was still a great show!! Great set list as well!!I got to hear a lot of the old classics and a couple of new songs like “Freak Show” that went over very well live. Was awesome to hear “The Wild and the Young”, one of my fave old QR songs. James brings a new young energy to the band and with one of the best rock voices out there, this could be a fresh start for Quiet Riot!

Special thanks to Frankie Banali!!

The new album "Road Rage" drops August 3rd.

Set List: Run For Cover, Slick Back Cadillac, Whatever, Sign of the Times, Love’s a Bitch, Condition Critical, Put up, Thunderbird, Party All Night, Freak Flag, Bass Case, The Wild and the Young, Let’s get Crazy, Cum On Feel the Noise, Bang your Head.

quiet riot

golden nugget showroom

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