Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 41

I guess one of the craziest venues I have played would probably be in the Philippines on the island of Cebu. The venue was a extremely large arena and it was sold out. About 3/4 of the way through the show, part of the band, including myself, were able to take a break and go backstage during a ballad.

The drummer wanted a beer but he needed a bottle opener. One of the local crew lifted his shirt, pulled out his gun and opened the bottle of beer with it. I had just mentioned earlier how it seemed like everyone in the Philippines had a gun. I looked out of a backstage window and saw at least a thousand people outside, mostly ticket holders still trying to get into the venue and we only had a few songs left to play! We played the last song before the encore, went backstage and now the crowd outside had grown even larger. They were still trying to enter the arena and we only had one song left. We went out for the encore and saw that someone had started a fire in the upper balcony. It didn’t seem like anyone even cared, so I’m guessing they thought it was contained? We finished the song, and as soon as I handed my guitar to my guitar tech, the Road Manager basically whisked us into an unmarked van and Elvis-ed us out of there with all of those people still trying to get into the show. I guess you could call that one crazy.

When you’re not playing or creating music how do you spend your free time?

Music is pretty much all I do most of the time. Since I have a recording studio, a room full of guitars and the guitar rig, I can take a trip and never leave the farm! I try to stay creative and busy throughout the day in the studio and not watch any television. Also I never have played video games for that reason. When I do call it a day, I like to maybe kick back and watch a little Netflix or some HBO.

Other than that, I have always said if I didn’t have all of my time and money tied up into music, I would probably be snow skiing, but I haven’t done that in quite a few years and I don’t see myself moving to Aspen or Jackson Hole anytime soon!

Do you have any local gigs coming up?

Not at the moment. Hopefully I’ll have my Solo project I mentioned up and running by this time next year or sooner.

Well keep us posted! In the meantime, where can our readers keep up with you for upcoming performance or releases?

I do have a website up, but right now it is in it’s infancy. Eventually I’ll add a gear list with pictures, some video links, show schedules and an extended Bio, etc. There is a guest contact list on the site. . I’m not on twitter or Instagram, but I do have a few Facebook pages.

This one is for music only;

This page is 85% music oriented: And another is for my alter ego country band “ Kevin Dean Curry and the Nedrecks”; /

Thank you spending time with us Kevin and sharing a snapshot of your success with us and our readers.

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