Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 40

What are you most proud of?

In general, I’m probably most proud of and very grateful of the fact that I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to have music as my career and make a living from something that I love to do.

As far as recordings or accomplishments go, I would say I am most proud of the work I did on my solo record that I composed, performed and produced myself on my own label for “GLADIUS: The Show”; An Acrobatic Equestrian production with a cast of amazing horses and performers. I do believe it’s some of my best work. It wins for the most time I have ever spent working on one particular project. It’s basically like listening to a Movie Soundtrack with a variation on the theme running throughout. It follows the show order and contains some pretty stuff and some real crunchy stuff too. It’s available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon listed under “Kevin Curry - GLADIUS The Music.”

Being a native Las Vegan, you’ve seen our local music scene evolve, dissolve and rebound over the years what are your thoughts on the state of our local music scene now?

It seems like it’s on the upswing. It’s great that The Sand Dollar and Saddle and Spurs are still going strong after all of these years. Vamp’d is leading the way in rock clubs. It’s also good to see several other venues popping up around town, including a few located Downtown too. But I still think we need more. Not for competition, but for variety. A lot of club owners don’t realize that if you have a nice place, with a friendly staff and good entertainment, people will actually show up. Back in the day there were a lot of rock clubs and there was a lounge in every hotel with some really good bands. Then eventually a lot of the clubs dwindled down and for some reason the bands in the lounges weren’t that good anymore. I was on the road for a few years, then I moved to Lake Tahoe for a year. After that I moved to Los Angeles and stayed there for eleven years, so I did miss a portion of the Vegas music scene. When they tried to make this town family friendly, of course that back fired. Then the DJs and the Ultra Night clubs came in. I think it’s finally getting back to the point where people actually want to hear people playing live music again.

What are you working on currently?

I’m always working on some of my own material. Some songs get finished and some never do. I guess it depends on the song or how much outside work I have at the time. The main project I’m concentrating on right now is an idea that I’ve had for quite some time, but I didn’t feel I had the right set up to pull it off. That’s why I created the current “Big Dream Guitar Rig”. Now with today’s technology I think I can pull off what I originally had envisioned. Basically I want to do a somewhat interactive one man show doing a lot of techniques I do in the studio, but have never really done live. I’ll do some Singing, play some Electric and Synth Guitar, Talk Box, Slide Guitar, E-Bow, Acoustic Steel String, Nylon String, Oil Can Guitar, Bass, some Keyboards and a little Harmonica. I’m going to do a lot of live looping and live sequencing, and possibly make some stuff up on the spot. When I tell people I’m going to do a solo gig, they assume I’ll be in the corner of some bar with an acoustic guitar playing Brown Eyed Girl, Magaritaville, Hotel California and Wanted Dead or Alive. When I tell them I’m going to do a lot of looping they assume I’m going to try to be Ed Sheeran. It’s actually neither one of those. I just want to play songs I enjoy playing. I’d like to do some songs that I’ve grown up with by some of the influences I mentioned earlier and other songs that I have never played before. Maybe throw in a few originals, but mostly play some music that a lot of people have heard and some stuff that possibly no one has heard, or may never want to hear again! Being the only guy in the band means I can play whatever I feel like and bullshit as much as I want to. Kind of like “ Welcome To My Living Room” or a screwed up version of VH-1 Storytellers.

What’s the most unusual/craziest venue you’ve played?

Possibly the most unusual venue I played was at an Army Base right on the border of North and South Korea. When we arrived at the base, we were told that Customs had all of our gear and wouldn’t release it. At least not before the show started anyway. The only piece of gear we had was my guitar, since I was carrying it it on my back in a gig bag. The base basically made an announcement to the soldiers asking if everyone could pool their resources and come up with some gear. Low and behold they all got together and donated their personal instruments to the cause! Drums, a Bass and a Bass amp, a Guitar amp, a 12 string Acoustic Guitar, a Piano, Keyboards and some lights. I thought to myself, “This is going to be a big disaster and they are going to hate us!!!" It was actually the opposite. They loved it! I guess since we stepped up to the plate and didn’t cancel the show, we gained that much more respect from them. At the end of the show they gave us all a Medal that on the front reads, “20 Infantry Division - Second To None” WWI - WWII - Korean Conflict. On the of my back of mine it reads; KEVIN CURRY “Fit To Fight.”