Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 38

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As his journey has continued all roads led back to Sin City where he just recently finished his most recent solo album “Gladius: The Music” which is also the musical score for the “Gladius: The Show” an acrobatic equestrian production.

Hey Kevin! Thanks for taking some time out of your hectic schedule for us…. Let’s start with a tricky question for you… How would you describe yourself as a musician in one sentence?

I’m still learning.

No fair! But perhaps the best answer we’ve ever gotten for that question.

Our readers love to hear about gear…. Can you tell us a little bit about your dream rig that you’ve built?

I don’t know if you have enough room in this article! My current dream rig is as follows, but as every musician knows; everything is subject to change! Here comes the technical jargon. I start out with my “Big Rig” and then I can condense it after that, depending on the gig or venue. The main set up is a three amp, three cabinet configurations, which is Left-Center-Right. The middle-sized rig is stereo left and right. and the smallest rig is Mono.

I use all Carvin 100-watt tube amplifiers. I’m using three different models at the moment. A Carvin Legacy VL100 on the left side, a Carvin V3 in the center and a Carvin X100B re-issue on the right side.

Those plug into a Purple Marshall 4 x 12 Hendrix re-issue cabinet on the left, a Carvin Legacy 4 x 12 cabinet in the middle and another Purple Marshall 4 x 12 Hendrix re-issue cabinet on the right.

I prefer using rack effects so I can program a lot of different patches and then have instant recall.

I love stomp boxes and I have plenty, but I’ll usually only use a Keeley Compressor pedal along with the rack effects for live stuff. My rack consists of a Fractal Axe FX II, a BOSS GT-PRO, two BOSS SE-70s, a Lexicon MPXG2, and a Roland VG99 Virtual Guitar System. All that junk is wired into a Rolls RM203x line mixer with the stereo output being fed into a Boss RC-500 Loop station on the floor. Also on the floor controlling the whole mess are a Fractal MFC-101 and a Roland FC-300-foot controller with three BOSS FV-300Ls and two Roland EV-5 Expression pedals, along with a vintage Heil Sound Talk Box.

The rest of the accessories in the rack are a Monster Power PRO 3500, a Carvin AC120 power conditioner, a Kawaii MIDI patch bay, a Midi Solutions MIDI merger and a Roland GI-20 Guitar Synth MIDI interface triggering sounds from a Roland FA-06 Keyboard Workstation.

If I am needed to play just guitar on a gig, I will take the Looper, the keyboard and the Guitar Synth Midi interface out of the equation.