Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 32

Like anything, there's an upside and a downside. When one of the songs from the show, "How Do You Talk to An Angel" was released and went to #1 within weeks; then I and the rest of the cast started performing live every weekend at shopping malls and venues somewhere in America. The appearances would be packed with thousands of screaming teenage girls, standing behind police barricades, going mad. It was surreal. Very "New Kids on the Block.” Everything moved really fast that year. My favorite story from that time was walking around Vancouver, Canada, where we filmed the show and seeing Steven Tyler and Brad Whitford eating frozen yogurt at an outdoor cafe. Aerosmith were up in Vancouver recording an album. I walked up to Steven and said, "I've always wanted to meet were a huge influence on me.” He kept eating his yogurt, regarding me for a long time then he finally said, "You were on TV last night. You're great!" I thought, "Steven Tyler recognized ME. I can go play in traffic now.”

"Beverly Hills, 90210" was and is the thing that most people recognize me from, if they do at all. Even after all of these years. I didn't realize at the time that EVERYONE and their mother watched that show. I only did six episodes, but everybody seems to remember David Silver getting hooked on meth by his boss. At that time, I looked exactly the same on camera as I did off camera and I think I wore my own clothes on the show. I would leave the set after working and go to the supermarket to buy dinner and by the time I got to the checkout, there was a long line of people that followed me around the market pointing and whispering. I got recognized everywhere. A few years ago, some guy at the Rainbow came up to me and went, "Whoa! You're that drug dealer guy from 90210.” I have no idea how he recognized me 24 years later. I look nothing like I did then.

Obviously, you are here in Vegas now. What attracted you to it, and what's the story of how you arrived here? What keeps you here?

I didn’t know much about Vegas prior to 2010. I had come here quite a bit on tour and to play gigs with different bands in the 90's, but all I knew then was the Strip. In 2004, I moved to Vancouver, Canada to work as an actor/musician. I had to leave a great LA band that I was in and the guy who replaced me was a guy from Vancouver who just moved to the States named Todd Kerns. He fits into the story later. In 2011, I accomplished everything there was to accomplish in Vancouver and was looking for new challenges and a city with a lot of sunshine. By that time, I got to be friends with Todd and I asked him about living in Vegas. He said, "Oh's home.” For a Canadian, that's a bold statement. I started coming here and immediately started playing in bands. I couldn't believe how much I misjudged this city. Besides the fact that nothing ever closes including bars, it has a tremendous amount of culture and history. The restaurants were all amazing, the people were super friendly and best of all, the musicians were the best in the world. I believe that the only way you can ever get better is to work with people that are as good or preferably better than you and Vegas has nothing but that. The level of professionalism in this town is second to none and the amount of things to do rivals New York City. And it's a real rock and roll town! There are SO many great rock bands here and so many cool places to play! It's no coincidence that so many LA musicians wind up moving here. It's a really great musician community. Everybody feels like family and I get to work with the best of the best. I can't imagine living anywhere else.