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zachary throne

Las Vegas is filled with many musicians, but Zachary Throne is a rare breed in that he is respected by everyone in the music scene, for his charm, graciousness, and immense talent, both as a singer and a multi-instrumentalist.

Sin City Presents magazine was thrilled when we were able to finally nail down the very busy Mr. Throne for an in depth chat about who he is, where he is from, and where he is going. Enjoy, readers! This is probably one of our best cover stories, ever!

Hello, Zachary! First, tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from originally?

I was born in Hollywood, California. I grew up in LA and New York City. As far as I can remember, I always had a deep obsession and relationship with music. As a baby, I used to watch the turntable in our house spin around and around. As a toddler, I could sing whatever was on the radio and if I picked up an instrument, I could figure out how to play something on it. It came easy to me. My first instrument was violin in school. I played that for a number of years. Then, I got a set of drums and played those for a few years. I switched to guitar when I was 15 then switched to bass guitar when I was 22, and now I go back and forth from guitar and bass. When I was 20, I dropped out of Queens College in New York and decided to move to LA to study music at the Dick Grove School. I was pretty serious about the guitar then and my goal was to become a working studio guitar player/bass player.

When did you realize you had a gift for both music and acting?

A lot of albums were being cut in LA studios then and I didn't really sing much, so I thought I'd be Steve Lukather or Tommy Tedesco. Around the same time I was studying at Dick Grove, I was recommended to go audition at an acting studio in West Hollywood. I had no intention of being a professional actor, but I did enjoy the theatre as a kid and I thought doing plays could be a fun hobby. I made it into the acting school and I started splitting my time between studying at the music school, studying at the acting school and working day jobs to pay rent. An acting agent saw me onstage in a play and told me, "I'm going to make you a TV star.” He signed me and within a year, I was acting on television full time, with music turning into my "hobby.” For the next 25 years or so, I balanced a music career and an acting career, with acting taking the lead.

What were your main influences as a musician? How did they influence you?

As far as influences, my influences are countless and never ending. As a small child, I was into The Beatles, The Jackson 5, psychedelic rock and Motown/soul music. The Jackson 5 were a critical influence on me because I dreamed of playing an instrument in a band as a kid, but you never saw real "kid" bands back then. Then, I saw the Jackson 5 in concert on television in front of 8,000 people and I couldn't believe how great they played! I thought there might have been people under the stage playing for them, but it was really them playing and singing. They played and sang as good as The Beatles. They had the same instruments and amps like the older bands, but they were kids and they were just tearing it UP! Seeing the Jackson 5 play was

when I said, "THAT’S where I belong and I don't have to wait until I'm as old as Paul McCartney (who was probably all of 26 then).”

My parents were really into jazz, so I saw live jazz a lot growing up. Growing up in LA and New York, it was the typical stoner, white boy musician upbringing: hard rock, metal, punk rock and disco, even though you weren't supposed to like disco.

Michael Maysonet (Drummer: Atomica and The Remainz)

"He's an odd dude no doubt. I mean that in a good way. It took me a bit to get his vibe but we work great together now."

"Dude has endless energy and doesn't care about time. I've met him at the studio at noon and the next thing you know it's 3am. I'm hungry, tired and he's ready to keep going. I'll go home and see the next day that he posted something on Facebook at 7am and then he's back at the studio at noon. It's crazy."

"The one thing I think I'll never get used to is rehearsing in the dark. He hates lights. Now that I think of it he's like a Mogwai from that movie Gremlins... he's cute and cuddly until you put bright lights on him or get him wet."

Scott McCartney (Bass: The Remainz. Classic Album Night)

"K is a unique guy to say the least. He has a clear vision on everything he does. I've done a few Classic Album Nights and I've watched him handle several personality types during the rehearsal process. He doesn't say much, but when he does, it speaks volumes. He doesn't settle for second best. He's this town's best kept secret... but that's about to change."

Round two of the interviews went much better. Patience is a virtue, but with Mr. Caruso it's a must.

You’re a very respected guitarist and producer here in Vegas, by most accounts.

K. That depends on who you talk to about that... but thanks, you are far too kind.

For someone who is not a fan of crowds, what inspired you to be a musician? It's not really something that lends itself to being anonymous.

That's the $64,000 question I get asked all the time. Why would an introvert wanna be on stage in front of strangers. Kinda nutty how that worked out. As far as what inspired me? Honestly... Music picked me. I was one of those weird kids that woke up one day and could play. I went from jumping on my bed pretending to be Ace Frehley with Kiss Alive blaring away, to a seven year old who could play anything I heard. Freaked my parents out.


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Written By: Lisa Jackson