Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 18




So... in addition to the ridiculously large sums of money Genie pays me... ;)... she gives each team member a page to advertise whatever we got going... a band... a business... what corner I'm dealin' on... just kidding! So, I thought, what better way to use that privilege than to do what I originally got into this to do in the first place... help the local scene!

So, I'm starting with a band near and dear to my heart... ANTI TRUST. What matters is music. Heavy, melodic, vocalist Path is a straight up GORGEOUS woman... did I mention chicks rule?... who will grab you by the balls... fellas... shove them down your throat, and make you BELIEVE you like it! Give her a mic and STEP the FUCK BACK!!! She may scare you! I'm kinda nervous... my boy Jason, who I've known for YEARS... THRASH, baby, THRASH... and guitarist Wiljo throw down the melodic heaviness... but I saved the best for last! Did I mention chicks rule? Drummer Alexey is 4 feet tall, 14 years old, and better than most drummers you know! You would NEVER guess, when you meet her, that she would go onstage and EMBARRASS your drummer! Dudes be slinkin' out of the club with their tails between their legs! Be afraid... be VERY afraid!!! Think I'm talkin' shit? Go to You Tube and check their vids, MIND CONTROL and YOUR LAST NIGHT... scary, that one... Mhalou... Mhygod!... and there's an EP available... need an ass kickin'? HERE it is!


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