Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 13



Steven Troy @sinnerstevie

Chicks rule... they really do... NOT so much for the obvious reasons... such as the power of Yes and No... Ms. Hart... kinda don't like that... fellas, I KNOW you're with me... but there's nothing more awesome than a WOMAN... by that I mean... strong... powerful... independent... not afraid to look life in the eye, and kick it in its balls as necessary. NOTHING, for me, HOTTER than a woman on a stage with a guitar in her hand, kickin' ass.

The IRON MAIDENS have 5 SUPER HOTT women that will kick you in the balls, and laugh at you while you're on the ground. Iron Maiden is my fav band of all time, and to see these girls that are SO hot, most guys would be intimidated to even be in the same room as them, play that music SO perfect...well... Anyway, enough of the looks... Nikki... Courtney... what REALLY matters is music. A lot of male musicians seem to have a negative attitude towards women players. NOTHING could be more narrow minded and stupid. I LOVE to see women playing. It combines my 2 fav things in one! THESE women are SO much better than the average guy musician as to make fuckers crawl outta the club with their ass straight handed to them. For me, Maiden is the ROOT, what I listen to when I just need to get away, and how I learned to play guitar in the first place. The 'Maidens LIVE this, and NAIL it, better than any other tribute band I've ever seen. The level of musicianship is FAR beyond what you will get in most ANY other band, male or female, tribute or original, and, if you close your eyes, you would think Maiden themselves were playing... but WHY would you close your eyes!?! NOTHING!!! Hotter!!! This band has received NUMEROUS awards, Maiden themselves have recognized them, they tour the world with this, and who else has sold out our best local club EVERY TIME THEY PLAY!? The frenzy to get in is unreal! I first saw them YEARS ago, and have seen them MANY times, and I'm just blown away by how good they really are, every time! I have honestly heard Maiden sound worse... SHH!!! Don't tell anybody!!!

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