Sin City Presents Magazine August 2017 Volume 4 Issue 8 - Page 10




Guitar players are a fickle bunch. Odd, distracted, intense... just plain weird! I should know... I am one... ever since I was 11. We will happily sit around for hours and argue about such arcane, abstract minutiae as... string gauges... pick thicknessā€¦and don't EVEN start us on amplifiers! Bad idea! As for favorite players? We ALL have a different opinion, but, oddly, we can all usually relate to what everyone else likes. Still, a tough subject. For me? Best player? Andy McKee... HA! Gotcha ALL there! WHO!?! Google him! Fav? Al DiMeola! Coolest? Michael Schenker! Wicked, scary, evil... GEORGE LYNCH, for sure! He has this unique style, dude can pick notes out of HELL, they call him Mr. Scary for VERY good reason! ALWAYS has been one of my favs! When he rolled thru Vamp'd with original Lynch Mob singer ONI LOGAN... HAD to go! The opening band is what REALLY blew me away! TOMMY PARIS PROJECT just slayed! GREAT band! Tommy is currently the keyboardist for local badasses COUNT'S 77, AND the singer for Britny Fox... yeah, he can sing THAT good... and did he bring some heavyweights with him! Lez Warner from THE CULT, Brad Lang from Y&T, MONSTER shredder Rob Math from muttha fukking LEATHERWOLF... yeah, ALL that! And when our host, Mr. Danny "The Count" Koker jumped up and TOTALLY OWNED Motorhead's Ace of Spades... damn... now that Lemmy's gone, I promise, you will NOT hear ANYONE sing that song better! Maybe you should do a Motorhead tribute, Danny... I'll play guitar!

So, after one hell of a warmup, George and the boys hopped on a red hot stage and burned it down! They have a new album out, The Brotherhood, and the first part of the set had a lot of that in it, plus some gems from the first album, of course, so I started wondering, they gonna play any Dokken? Yes, of course, a LOT, and it was awesome! Mr Scary was the centerpiece of the set, George proving WHY he's one of the most respected Rock guitar players EVER, Jimmy D'Anda from Bullet Boys on drums, the man who needs NO introduction, the unbelievable Sean McNabb on bass and backing vocals, dude is just as sharp a player as it gets! It was hot outside, WAY hotter inside, another kick ass night at Vamp'd... thank you, Danny and Korie!

Steven Troy @sinnerstevie Photography by Leah Burlington

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