Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 84

About Barbara Ann

Born on Halloween during the rising of the

full moon at 10:00 am in the morning she has encounter the paranormal since she was is an advocate for child abuse and exploitation she has been brought death four different time. Her depth can move mountains , you can see it in her eyes, everyone does they hear it when she speaks. She has been key note speaker on many subjects related to the human conditioning. She has sat with Chiefs of Nations and their Leaders, She is recognized a Lodge Keeper, and Elder and has been honoured at a dinner among the nation's Leader of Alberta. The amazing teachers, spiritual elders she spent eight years with at the piercing Sundance. Has done eight four day four night fasts, two four day four night vision quests in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains at -21 on Native Lands, with nothing but a tent and her medicine bag, as s they don't let you smoke let alone have a drink of water you are completely isolated and on your own to deal with whichever Grandmother Grizzle bear as decided to walk past your camp late at night. The healing began with the Beautiful People of Blood Tribe and Morris Crows family who welcomed her and named her White Buffalo Women. OKA

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Libra, September 23 - October 22

August brings in the Two of Swords. There is

a tough decision to be made and the only

way you are going to make it is by accepting what you have not been willing to look at, I mean really look at the place you keep avoiding this is place you will find the answer to the direction you need to take, or you can let someone else make the decision for you, up to you really though in the end you may not like the outfit they asked you to wear.

Scorpio, October 23 - November 21

August brings in the High Priestess, your

intuition is high this month and as always

you see the good and bad in the world around you try not to let the bad get you down, remember to cut some slack to yourself as you begin to see truths in things around you, just move on where you need to and focus on what’s left. Bring projects to completion and set your sights as high as you’re willing to go.

Sagittarius, November 22 - December 21

August brings in the Three Of Pentacles,

this signals a good time to change jobs

through promotions or desire. The fillings

of fulfillment are deep within you there is a lot to be proud of. Time to stroke your own ego and celebrate all your hard works is paying off. Be ready for the unexpected this could change the course of your life and put you in a place you never thought you would be.

Capricorn, December 22-January 19

August brings the Knight of Cups

This can be the essence of yourself or in

someone you will met. Romance is in the air, and brings with it all the insecure moments’ doubts and questions. Make the first move you in all your endeavors, then you will see how much time you wasted sitting back thinking about your daydream and you could have been there already.

Aquarius, January 20 - February 18

August brings the Sun This is a fantastic for

recognition, there will be a lot of joy

around you now, loads of clarity, music and science requiring sound vibration with reasoning and logic will make excellent addition to your life. You know where you stand and your future is bright expect opportunity to come knocking be ready to answer its call, sometimes the brass ring is only offered once..

Pisces, February - March 20

August brings the Nine of Wands

Even in those times when we feel we can’t

do it any more we must dig deep and go

forward. Your almost there this is not the time to give up one final push is all you need it is within your grasp. May I suggest you take a couple of days of and get some much needed R & R.

Aries, March 21 - April 19

August brings the Moon Like the wolf your

spirit is untamed, but your fear runs deeper

than the ocean, but only when we face or fear do we realize it was mostly in our mind and when we break free from the jail within we see how much more we can accomplish. There is a great deal of self doubt but this is a natural process leading to final maturity that special place so few find it is waiting on the other side of the threshold and like the fool you must take the step not knowing if the ground is solid enough ground to hold you.

Taurus, April 20 - May 20

August brings Temperance Despite the

chaos you are surprisingly clam. This is the

time to keep your balance no matter what is

going on your energy is for the real goal. This is the time to sit quite and let the cards fall where they may, keep your emotions in check in all things this month including matters of the heart it is easy to get caught up in what is going on around you rather than what is going on inside you tune in to self.

Gemini, May 21 - June 20

August brings the Emperor It is time to take

control of your life, your environment and all

things you allow to pass through your space.

You have permission to be assertive, be brave be bold, look to the leaders you admire for guidance and realize what you are about to become is everything you have built and that is really what you are trying to protect.

Cancer, June 21 - July 22

August brings the Ace of Swords

Flashes of insight and gained knowledge

lead to problem solution. New points of

view and few discoveries and some intellectual achievements are in your cards. Through this there will be moments of sharp words and possibility of finally letting go that which should have been dumped a long time ago. Leaving what is not useful opens doors to your future it is not always easy to leave the familiar behind but we must if we expect to grow.

Leo, July 23 - August 22

August brings in the Knight of Wands.

People enjoy being around you that isn’t

unusual, but this month will seem more

hectic than usual. Careful with your impatient temperament for those around you, it can be what causes you to lose interest in the task, you may find yourself just going through the motions rather than enjoying the ride nothing lasts forever so I’ve been told.

Virgo, August 23 - September 22

August brings the Queen of Swords. Be

wary this month about engaging in verbal

warfare, it really isn’t worth the energy,

everyone already knows your right let the cards fall where they may. This is the time to use your talent to further your goals remember Virgo you are the love sign so keep a balance in work and play and everything will be fine.

They Served!

We Can Do More! amet dui

cancer-Water-June21-July 22

Venus returns smiling upon you through to the New Year some intense emotions, passions and feelings of tormenting desire. What is your inner self telling you, as you go in to the New Year finish off some necessary projects, take some much needed time off for yourself. Get ready for a busy 2016.

Taurus Earth - April 20 - May 20

You are being given an opportunity to shed some light on a relationship that may need to be revised, renewed or broken off. Actually, you will not continue to hedge or take on yourselves the problems that bother you and your partner. As you approach the New Year the time will be right to make decision and clarify any critical aspects, set yourself free from embittering frustrations and tension.

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Aries Fire - March 21 - April 19

Keep your emotions under control this month as the Universe stirs up memories from the past that could bring up old and unwanted emotions. Remember the past is the lesson the present is who you have become and the future awaits you. Listen and learn from those around you. Love is definitely in the air this month take it slow and remember keep things light and let life flow open your heart to new adventures that awaits you . You will continue to make steady progress at work stay focused.

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Leo Fire - July 23-August 22

The year will end with a flourish as Venus will return to be in a favorable position and will invite you to enjoy the pleasure of love, whether you desire the passion of ta fleeting adventure of the support of a solid relationship. In any case, the starts are aligned through to the New Year