Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 82





In my peripheral, I catch the still-largely-full bottle rolling gently on the carpet, and adding insult to injury, liberally emptying the remainder of its contents out onto the floor of the luxuriously well-appointed suite, as the "twist of lime" wafted up into the air, as if to cruelly punctuate the folly, whilst simultaneously adding smell and taste to the already visceral situation so that any seeing impaired spectators that may have been present, could more fully appreciate the gravity of what was unfolding.

In the next half-second, instead of my life flashing before my eyes, I replayed that scene from The 3 Amigos, where they are dying of thirst in the desert, and Chevy Chase as Dusty Bottoms, gleefully empties half the contents of his canteen over his head, then discards the still mostly-full canteen onto the desert floor, while his thirsty friends Lucky and Ned watch its contents spill out onto the ground, wondering how Dusty could have possibly betrayed them so. And in that brief instant, I became the callous and irresponsible Dusty Bottoms.

Snapping back to reality at the 2.5 second mark, before the bottle even comes to a rest, eyes locked with Gene's, I point at still-spewing bottle without even looking at it, and fire off the flippant Hail-Mary, "I'm just gonna put that right there".

It was all I had. My only situational arrow, so I fired it like Robin Hood.

A tense 0.8 seconds passed, and felt like an eternity as I mentally packed my bags in preparation of being taken into custody, and helicoptered off the ship to a high mountain top to forever eek out the rest of my miserable existence in blacklisted solitude.

Then it happened.

The Demon erupted into laughter at my quick-witted and seemingly off-the-cuff save, and everyone in the room followed suit. A tragedy that had threatened my very existence, saved by a piece of stock, but well-timed, well-rehearsed material, to an audience that thankfully had not heard it yet.

Thanks Mike, I owe you one!

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