Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 76


Every once in a while I see an artist on stage that just exudes joy in what he’s doing at that exact moment in time. That’s what translates for me when I see this month’s Sin City Shredder Rob E.G. from TAILGUN on stage.

“When I was finally able to play live music on stage, I immediately knew that this was my destiny!”

His story starts the way many do, he took acoustic guitar lessons as child but did not continue, it was ten years later before he picked up a guitar again and when he did he was hooked! Taking what he had learned and retained from those childhood lessons he went to work!

His first opportunity to play LIVE was just about nine years ago, which is really the beginning of the story, the crossroads that led him to TAILGUN. He scored a gig with a singer/songwriter that needed a lead guitarist and the drummer in that band just happened to be Larry Kelly. WAIT A MINUTE! You’re probably saying to yourself I thought Larry Kelly was a guitarist…. He is but before shredding the rhythm section of TAILGUN he was indeed a drummer. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember hearing that before, and it really explains a lot about the sound and style TAILGUN’s music. Band members come and go and Rob and Larry lost touch after both parted with that band.

A handful of bands and countless cover tunes later a domino effect of circumstances all started happening, in the whirlwind that would once again intersect with Larry Kelly. Larry was in the planning stages and constructing the master plan for what would become TAILGUN and Rob scored the gig right from the beginning. It was perfect! It was a gig that fit exactly what he wanted to do… write, perform and record original music with good friends.

We were lucky enough to see TAILGUN perform twice this month and Rob was gracious enough to let us get to know a little bit more about him….

Thanks for spending some time with us… we won’t hem you up with too many questions.


brian sylvester

Photo Credit: Photography of Leah Burlington

Sin City shredder

rob e. g.