Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 70


The Summer of Shred continues and we’re thrilled to have Scott Griffin as our featured Bass player this month! This dude is Bass with attitude and then some! He’s all Rockstar ALLDAY! Multi instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and DJ round out the package.

Prior to calling Sin City home, Scott was heavy on the L.A scene where he first rose to prominence as a member of L.A. Guns in the mid 2000's, playing with them for eight years. During his time with L.A. Guns they toured extensively, affording Scotty the opportunity to see the world with shows in the United States, and around the world, including visits to Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, South America, Japan and South Korea. He also recorded one critically acclaimed album with them, "Hollywood Forever." Produced by legendary producer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Van Halen), the album would in fact be his last full scale production before his untimely death. After parting ways with L.A. Guns, Griffin went on to join the multi-platinum pop-metal act, Ratt and although that association only lasted about a year it ended on a high note.

He now calls Las Vegas home and you’ll find him onstage regularly with #1 rated local hard rock band, the Sin City Sinners, who to their credit have released six CD's and raised over one million dollars in charities. Accolades for the Sin City Sinners include a mayoral proclamation from Mayor Carolyn Goodman making August 27 Sin City Sinners Day in Las Vegas, Nevada. They’ve also been voted "Best In Vegas" by Las Vegas Weekly and "Best Rock Band In Vegas" three times by Las Vegas Review Journal.

When we’re out and about on the Las Vegas scene we seldom get the chance to just chat and get to know some of the incredibly talented people we have living in our city. We’re super excited that we were able to pin Scotty this month, so let’s dig right in.

Hey Scotty! Thank you so much for taking some time with us, so let’s start with what’s going with you right now. What are you most excited about in your life right now?

I'm excited that even though I'm at an age where I'm supposed to be slowing down and settling in, I still have this huge ball of fire in my stomach. I'm excited that I still take chances in life. I'm excited that people look at me with a "what the fuck does he think he's doing" look. On a more practical level, I'm excited to be in Sin City Sinners at this time. The Sinners are a band that has been through numerous line-up changes. We're kind of like a hard rock/pop/punk version of Menudo, haha, and I think this line-up we have right now is the best line-up yet, if I can be so bold as to say that.

I'm also excited about starting a podcast with my manager Jason Green. I've never done one before and I'm looking forward to see how it pans out. Success or not, it'll be a great learning experience. You'll be hearing more about that very soon. I'm excited about a lot of stuff in my life right now actually. We'll just have to wait and see where it all leads I guess.

That’s a lot of stuff goin’ on at once, no wonder it’s so hard to pin you down. With all of that being said, what do you find most challenging in your career right now?

Honestly, just staying afloat. It's tough out in the music world these days. I guess it's always been tough, but I do think it really is tougher these days. There's no money in CD sales, or digital downloads for that matter. Music has almost no monetary value anymore. I subscribe to Spotify. I pay 9.99 a month for basically the entire collection of recorded pop music. That can't be good for the artist. But I'm a struggling artist myself. So what am I supposed to do? Deny myself one of the greatest deals in the history of music? I'm the guy that needs a deal like this more than anybody! But I guess it's a bit like being a vegan and wearing leather boots. Oh well, so sue me.

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