Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 66

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“If they have to ask if you’re with the band then you've seriously underdressed!” Danny Wilde

This month we are thrilled to introduce you to Marque Martinez and believe me when he walks into a room there is no question whether or not he’s with the band! He is ALL that a rock n roll frontman encompasses. flash, flamboyance and a whole lotta bling! From the big hair to shiny shoes not one piece is out of place! Off stage he is perhaps one of the sweetest and most humble guys we’ve met.

He doesn’t consider himself a singer as much as he considers himself an expressionist.

“Music is something I truly feel and love from deep down inside and always have. In all the bands I've ever played in, I’ve always played either guitar or Bass with a hint of background vocals. Don't get me wrong, I’ve always loved singing, just not a great big fan of my own vocal ability. But when I started seeing the caliber of vocalist coming out these days (Adam Levine and Kesha hint hint)... I said to myself,"well self, if they can do it so can you!”

So tell us Marque, what are you working on right now, are there any projects in the hopper for you?

As far as what I'm doing musically now I am really currently enjoying playing out with old friends and new in venues such as Classic Albums Nights and things of that nature. I really enjoy the collaboration and musicianship here in the Las Vegas local scene.

My key focus right now in life is to raise my daughter with Insight wisdom and scruples. For this reason I feel it would be best if I wasn't in bands

per se and out every night or leaving from City to City with a touring band.

What was the last band you sang lead with?

Let me think about that….. The last time I sang with a band( prior to moving to Las Vegas) it was in or around 91" . I was living with Tracii Guns ( on drums) and Izzy Stradlin ( on lead guitar) at Traci's mom's house. We formed a band so we could play the Cathay de Grand and make extra money for booze & cigarettes. We had a few rehearsal's at Nickey Beats studio, but nothing ever became of it.

WHOA! Tracii Guns on drums! That must have been wild!

What was the first song you ever sang in front of a live audience?

It was a mesh of “Wasted” by Def Leppard and “Breaking The Law” by Judas priest. I was in a band with my good friends Adam Rigolli and Andy Spindler. I remember being in a garage slash party in Alhambra.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest influence list is so vast and wide range I couldn't even narrow it down to a hundred individuals and or groups. I've always been drawn to something that was always outspoken or automatically caught my attention with a mere glimpse pretty much anything with the sexy back beat