Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 63

We got in touch with SIR Production and rentals, within the hour PA and gear started showing up. Before we knew it we had a full sound rig, drums, amps and we were good to go and doing a sound check.

8pm rolls around and it’s time to get back to the Club. We walked in and the vacant shit hole that we saw earlier in the day was packed with Suits and Ties, all there to see some unknown Rock band...Just Us....It was pretty awesome to see this many Industry people all in one room.

I remember being in the dressing room and saying good luck guys; let’s see what we can make of this... So we did, we went out and played our asses off...I can still see this one guy standing and leaning against a pole just to my right, it was Michael Alago banging his head to every song. We finally finished and much like every other band in this situation...I thought we sucked! I remember leaving after talking to a few of the people that were there and thinking we weren't very good.

The next day I got a knock on my door, we were staying in the Marriott in Times Square and was told to meet at our managers room, we all got together and we were told we have a bunch of meetings with A&R and Lawyers lined up for the rest of the day. As it turned out we didn't suck and we were getting offers to sign the band!

To be continued.....CBGB'S was next.

WOW!!! What an awesome story Johnny! To be continued for sure! We’ll have to have you back again to share more tales with us maybe even a couple from your years as a nightclub owner. I’ll bet you have some doosies in your arsenal.

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Jeff C. Outlaw – Guitars

JP Michaels – Bass & Backing Vox

Johnny Rude – Drums

David Reed Watson – Vox