Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 62


hair i go again

las vegas premier


In 1992 after doing the LA-East coast scene for some years...luck finally came calling for a band I was in...

We were transitioning from your typical 80s Hard Rock band into what we thought was the new wave of Hard Rock Metal. We hooked up with a Management and Production company based out of New York who had quite a reputable name and success with previous bands...

We had no name as we ditched the old moniker, I remember showcasing in our small rehearsal space for these people we never met, it was kind of weird, because we were playing just as if we had been playing a show...we were super tight and well rehearsed.

I remember looking over at these 4 people and thinking “what are they thinking"..?

Anyways, we played 5 or 6 songs and we were told to stop...they said sounds good, they left the room came back 5 minutes later and said you guys are our new project..But what’s the name of the band? We called it Jesus Christ...They said ok that’s interesting...

We were pretty stoked because we knew this was a big deal! Before we knew it we were booking flights to New York City to start recording sides for our demo to be shopped. Our Production team had a plan and a goal to get us signed to a Major Company.

I remember being in the studio one day and our producer said we have an AR guy coming by. We all asked who? He said Michael Alago from Electra records He signed Metallica...COOL!

He came into the studio and said" hey guys how's going? I brought you all gift, a copy of the latest band I just signed"...It was a brand new band called White Zombie....I remember laughing because I had seen them back in 1988 at CBGB's and I thought they Michael had Just left Electra and moved over to Geffen Records by this point.

We listened to a few tracks, the CD wasn't released first thoughts were that the production was horrible. That being said we invited him into the studio and check out a couple of rough mixes we had been working on...He sat down in front of the mixing console.

I was pretty excited because our stuff sounded killer compared to the White Zombie CD.

So my Producer started the 2 inch tape rolling "No Pro Tools" back then, after the first song was over he stood up and said...You guys are my next signing!!...He listened to 3 more songs and loved them. We all hung out for a while...and he asked when he can come and see us live? We had no shows booked....

So we had to book a showcase so he could come and see the band live...We left it up to our production team to book a show for us to play live.. We kept up with the recording process while our production team was hard at work behind the scenes working on this showcase for Michael and finally a week or so later we had a show! It was in Manhattan at a Club called The Rock Star Saloon, we had never heard of it..??.

I will never forget this day as long as I live....We all pulled up to the Club, looked like any other shit hole in NY..But when we walked in, it was completely empty!!!... Just a stage and one old guy mopping the floors...we asked him what the deal was. He said “I can mix you guys!!”

We laughed, and said “with what??”

We all looked at each other and said we can't play here… so we got on the "PAY" phone and called our manager, and said we can't do the gig. There is nothing in here...He said what???...Guys, you have to do the Gig...We have every A and R person in New York City coming to watch you play tonight!!

As it turned out our Production team had been hard at work putting together a major showcase for us ...there was a huge buzz going on about the band.