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In a press release issued prior to the race weekent President of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. said Josh Furlow . “With the energy of running down the Las Vegas Strip at night and to have a true rock star like Kid Rock take over the main stage, this is guaranteed to be an unforgettable event runners won’t want to miss.”

He wasn't wrong!

Just two days following the attacks in Paris more than 45,000 runners packed the Las Vegas Strip for the Geico Rock-n-Roll Marathon. The crowd was not pensive they were there to Rock and Run!

The five-time Grammy nominated artist Kid Rock was the headliner for this years Marathon and his popular mix of Southern rock, hip‐hop, blues‐and-country‐tinged ballads was just AMAZING! Runners of all ages cheered, sang along to every song and some even cried during "Born Free" as the American Flag dropped at the back of the stage. For me personally my thoughts turned to how grateful I am to live in this country and how grateful I was to be in that crowd that afternoon.

The Rock n Roll marathon has become one of the most highly anticipated events in Sin City and continues growing, attracting visitors from around the World to "run the strip at night" making it good for rock n roll and buisness in Las Vegas.

The marathon is the only private event that exclusively shuts down the Las Vegas Strip at night. Featuring an expanded race weekend illuminated by the Strip’s neon marquees, the race highlights the must-see Vegas sights from the iconic 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign to the Fountains of Bellagio. Both of the marathon and half-marathon routes finish at the base of the Mirage Volcano on the most famous street in the world.

"This is definitely the healthiest crowd we've ever performed for"~Kid Rock

In a field of 30,000, Andrew Lemoncello, a 2008 Great Britain Olympian in the steeplechase, took first place in the full marathon with a time of 2:21:47. Tommy ‘Rivers’ Puzey, of Flagstaff, Ariz., finished second in 2:34:36. Williana Rojas (Venezuela) won the women’s marathon in 3:08:18, while Jen Annett (Canada) took second place with a time of 3:08:54.

There to capture some of the moments for SIn City Presents Magazine was Kira Sanoja from Kandylayne Photography

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rockin' the las vegas strip kid rock

you’ve worked up a good sweat. You are MAN you are entitled to sweat, it’s your duty. It may only be 9 a.m. but that ice cold brew in the cooler you brought with

you seems like the reward you deserve. So pop goes the top, out foams some head beer and down goes a couple man sized gulps … followed by a pirate’s proud “Arrghh … “ You are feeling pretty damn good!

You turn up the tunes, grab that shovel and start digging up the old flower bed your beloved wants you to turn into a self-contained Koi Pond. It’s now 10 a.m., its 107 degrees and you’ve had 3 beers. But it’s all good! You do a little jig around the dug up flower bed, wave to the love of your life who is glaring out the kitchen window shaking her head, you return to your manly efforts with a huge grin on your tomato red, sweat drenched face, and lick your dry lips. An hour later, another beer down, your breathing is labored, sweat pours from your head into your eyes, snot starts running from your nose and you plop on the ground thinking “Isn’t there a game on?” looking with longing towards the inside of your home where you know it’s cool. You see “her” glance out the kitchen window again and with a grimace, hoist your wobbly ass up to finish HER chores.

And that’s all you remember.

ER Doc says “You fainted because you were dehydrated and the alcohol you consumed lowered your blood pressure. We’ve given you IV fluids; you’ll be able to leave in a few hours. I suggest you rest the remainder of the weekend and next time, eat a light breakfast, drink water and leave the coffee and beer alone.”

Here are a few DIY recipes you can whip up and keep handy:

Body Spritz – 12oz

Buy several cheap spritz bottles at the 99 cent or Dollar Tree stores. Fill ¾ full with Distilled or, Filtered water. Add 10 to 20 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Oil & Water don’t mix so before you spray your kids, or yourself or each other, gently shake the bottle. As extra treat, keep spritz bottles in the fridge then take with you everywhere.

Peppermint is a “cold” oil and will keep your body cool especially when you sweat

Chill Bath

Fill tub with cool to lukewarm water, add:

1 – 2 cups Epsom Salts (scented Salts are even better: Rosemary Mint, Peppermint or Lavender)

1 – 2 cups Baking Soda

Swirl the powders in the water, step in carefully and soak until you are as wrinkled as a raisin

Dehydrated Replenishing Drink – 12 years to Adult (do not give to children under 12)


1 quart water

½ teaspoon table salt

6 teaspoons sugar

It’s 8 a.m. Time to start whipping up orders in the Krafty Kitchen. If you’ve read this far, here’s your REWARD: 10% Coupon good until next month’s issue. Before you buy send me a msg, say something like, read your August article, so I know you are a Sin City reader. Then go shopping, at check-out click on Apply Coupon Code and type in: SINCITYREADER.

Stay Cool Safe and Hydrated!

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Taleda Giallanza is owner and Master Crafter of Bliss Body & Bath Handmade Chemical Free Body, Bath, and Facial products as well as blender of uniquely scentsational concentrated fragrances using both essential oils and, premium phthalate free fragrance oils. Contact Taleda directly at for Custom Orders, Wedding & Party Favors, Wholesale items for your store, boutique or, spa. Visit her online store at: .

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