Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 56


About Las Vegas Arena

Las Vegas Arena is a privately funded $375 million indoor arena set to open in April 2016. The 20,000-seat venue, located west of the Las Vegas Strip between New York-New York and Monte Carlo, is expected to host more than 100 events annually, including UFC, boxing, hockey, basketball and other sporting events, major headline entertainment, awards shows, family shows and special events. Las Vegas’ newest landmark will feature 50 luxury suites, more than two dozen private loge boxes, complete broadcast facilities, and other specially designed exclusive hospitality offerings and fan amenities destined to create a guest experience second to none. The Arena has partnered with international iconic brands Coca-Cola, Schneider Electric and Toshiba American Business Solutions Inc., as the venue’s first “Founding Partners.” These Founding Partners will introduce and brand signature fan initiatives, displays and interactive spaces including Toshiba Plaza, an adjacent two-acre entertainment space which will feature a performance stage, a variety of video screens and other interactive content and display areas. Industry-leading architect Populous designed the venue to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards for LEED® Gold Certification. Las Vegas Arena is a joint venture between AEG and MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM). For more information visit the Las

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As I sit here, already feeling dewy at 5:45 a.m. with the A/C blowing to cool off what was 89 degrees in my office, the Coffee starts to kick in; I drop the A/C to run most of the day between 82 – 84 while I work in the Krafty Kitchen. Sitting here dewy and bleary eyed from lack of sleep due to last night’s sweltering heat, I realize how happy Nevada Energy must be when the seasons change from brief Winter to long, hot scorching miserable Summer. The executives must do the happy dance of joy as temps hover at 110 and beyond for months … and months … and months. Remember that fun cool song from back in the day that we sang and danced to by The Merrymen, Feeling Hot Hot Hot?

Me mind on fire, me soul on fire

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Party people all around me

Feeling hot, hot, hot …

My blah blah of this August article is not so much (really) about how hot I know we all feel, but how to find RELIEF. Yeah I know, stay inside and keep those NV Energy execs happy … but aside from that, here are some useful – or not as the case may be – tips on when you are Feeling Hot Hot Hot how to stay Cool in the evening.

Hydration is your Foundation

I don’t preach H2O as your panacea for all things dehydrated because by the time you FEEL thirsty you are already dehydrated. You gotta replace what’s missing not only with water, but liquid with vitamins minerals salts sugars, hence the rainbow of colorful sports drinks in the grocery store. Unfortunately, some are mostly sugar. It’s good to know your Sports Drinks.

What not to drink:

Anything with Caffeine – it’s a diuretic (you’ll pee more) Soda, Coffee, Tea, Red Bull etc

Alcohol – it’s another diuretic and totally not conducive to rehydration

Fruit Juices – unless diluted about 50% with water. Too much sugar, not enough minerals

What to drink:

Water – small amounts every 15 – 20 min. When your pee is clear, you are good. But don’t stop rehydrating!

Drink carbohydrate or electrolyte containing drinks

Suck on popsicles made from diluted juices and sports drinks

Watery fruits and vegetables: watermelon, cantaloupe, grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, cucumber, grapes, papaya, celery, lettuce, radishes, spinach, zucchini and tomatoes

Coconut Water - The high electrolytes in coconut water make it a very hydrating drink. It is also relatively low in calories and sugar

If your body has lost one to two percent of its entire water content, you will feel thirsty, a sign that you need to replenish the lost liquids.

Dehydration happens when you've lost too much water in your body without replacing it, preventing your body to perform its normal functions.

Check it out – especially if you have babies & children!

Infants and children are more vulnerable to dehydration, that's why immediate attention must be given to them especially if you see these symptoms.

Seek qualified medical help immediately.

Sunken soft spot (fontanelle) on their head

Few or no tears when they cry

Dry mouth

Few wet diapers


Fast breathing

You’ve decided to be the weekend warrior for the little woman, your Honey-Do list tucked securely in your back shorts pocket, sandals on, your sports team T-Shirt smells of Downy Fresh in the hot Las Vegas early morning sun. You were smart; you got up early (7 a.m. is early for you!), drank several cups of energizing coffee before heading out to your man tools area. You grabbed the mower, blower, rake, shovel and boom box … man gotta have his tunes! Getting into the groove of things, you mow the overgrown lawn, blow the debris into nice piles, scoop that stuff up into your big blue garbage bin, rake your pretty bed of river rock back up around your neatly trimmed palm trees, and by now,

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