Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 54



I can't really say I’ve ever been a huge fan of the Rolling Stones, however as I've aged and my own musical direction has evolved I've learned to appreciate them a great deal. I dig their style, they were definitive when it comes to originality and THAT I definitely respect. As a musician, what I dig even more is what they did and how they've done it and most importantly how their music has transcended generations and continues to do so. Their rock n roll legacy is epic and they are indeed legends. No Question!

Classic Album Night….. What else can I say other than, "Dude! You did it again K Dog!" I wish I got to see K play more often, the music scene in Vegas is frantic as most of us know, but as I was standing right in front of this guy he just blows my mind EVERYTIME! What’s even more mind blowing is his humility and desire to make others shine by putting them in the spotlight.

Classic Album Nights continue to grow and has become somewhat of a family night for the Las Vegas Music Scene giving us a damn good reason to rock n roll on a school night. Each one tops the other and brings together musicians from all over our city to the stage. Musicians from other genres even that may not necessarily ever play at Vamp’d if it were not for nights like this. I mean seriously how many opportunities are you going to have to see a killer saxophone player or someone on the lap steel at Vamp’d other than at a Classic Album Night.

Having participated in one of these collaborations I know the amount of work that goes into preparing for the night. Nothing but mad respect for all of the players and for K Caruso!

I’m always interested in how these nights make others feel, so this time I grabbed some quotes from some of musicians that participated from Facebook… my opinion is just that my opinion what matters more is how it made everyone else feel.

Last night... where to begin? I am so incredibly blessed to play the shows that I play here, surrounded by extraordinarily talented musicians who I (for some reason) have been truly blessed with being able to play with. Our Rolling Stones 'Classic Album Night' last evening was pretty much epic... This gig was amazing for me, as learning the songs pushed me into new areas as a guitarist, challenged me and made me work hard on the material leading up to the gig, but it was an honor, as The Stones are simply put, one the topmost important bands of my life. I was running between several different guitars last night, as the songs I was on were calling for widely varying needs, and I have to say that I loved it. I keep looking for a highlight song for me, but the fact is that they were all highlights, and the songs that I was not playing on were all amazing to watch and listen to. Everyone just laid it out last night. I say thanks to all of my uber talented musician friends who let this Rock 'n Roll guitarist share the stage with you all, I am humbled in so many ways, to make music with you, and to call you my friends... truly.~ Morpheus Blak

I've waited at LEAST 35 years to do what I got to do tonight. Mick's gonna know my name soon. ;)Every single musician who took part in tonight's show was just STELLAR! I'm anxious to post the video.~ Derek Wallace

Few things can heave this reclusive loner out of his home studio, away from his books and his clowder of cats. Classic Album Night is one of those. It was an honour to be part of this amazing night with so many incredible musicians, to share the stage with the love of all my lives and to get the play what is (obviously) THE quintessential Stones song for yours truly. Thanks to all those involved and all who were present.~ Chris Bouchard

If you haven't been to a Classic Album Night, do yourself a favor and get your ass in a seat, if you have, you already know what a killer vibe it has and the kind of comradely that is shared. Family night for Rock & Rollers! Peace!

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