Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 48

2016 marks the 5th year of this event and they’re pulling out all of the stops! Their mission is clear! The objective is to raise money for education, instruments and the preservation of the Arts in our schools, while celebrating their influences, love of music, art and the impact KISS has had on their lives both personally and professionally. All of these gentlemen have a love of music, are HUGE KISS fans and want to make sure that young kids have the opportunity to become tomorrow’s musicians.

To date this group of philanthropic artists along with help of many other local and national artists and the Las Vegas KISS Army has raised just over $70,000 dollars for the IMAGINE Foundation and music education in the Las Vegas Valley. The IMAGINE Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created to help fund the music departments of Clark County Schools in Las Vegas based on the belief that no child that wants to play music should ever be denied an instrument to express themselves. The ultimate goal for the KISS Night Las Vegas guys is to establish their own non-profit and take it national, to be able to raise funds for public school music departments all across America.

In April of this year I had the honor of accompanying the IMAGINE Foundation, a KISS Night In Las Vegas benefactor, for the delivery of musical instruments to Chaparral High School. Together with funds raised by KISS Night in Las Vegas, additional fundraisers throughout 2015 and their partnership with the Conn-Selmer Corporation (the industry leader in providing

support and advocacy tools specifically tailored to music education) the IMAGINE Foundation delivered more than $50,000 dollars in brand new instruments that day. To see the efforts of this amazing group of selfless artists that organize and produce the KISS Night in Las Vegas event come to fruition was an extraordinary experience, one that further solidified our commitment to their mission. As the musical instruments were unloaded and the shipping crates were opened, some of the students stood in awe as if they were afraid to touch them. One young lady opened the case of a brand new flute and I could see both the amazement and the tears in her eyes. She just stared at the shiny new instrument as if it were priceless jewels, but with a little encouragement they quickly got them all unpacked and before you knew it they were all making a joyful noise. The band directors Carl Baker and Paul Beuning as well as Vice Principal, Butch Heiss of the school were so very gracious and genuinely grateful for the magnificent gift. It truly was a humbling experience to see that the efforts and the energy that is put into producing events of this magnitude really can make a difference in the life of a child.

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