Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 47



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soul transfusion

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Stoney Curtis is an INCREDIBLE blues guitarist with six albums to his credit with his self titled band the “Stoney Curtis Band” as well as the lead guitarist with “Count’s 77” who just finished recording their second album “SOUL TRANSFUSION” which was featured on

our cover for July. His first album “Alive & Unleashed” in 2002 was released on an independent label and since then he has worked exclusively with Mike Varney and Shrapnel Records. In an interview with 8 News Now last year Stoney summed the KISS Night In Las Vegas mission up perfectly, "When you are doing something for right reason and you're doing it with a pure heart, people will get on board. KISS transcends all these generations, we've had people at the events aged from 6 to 100. Makeup, and whole circus element, along with this bombastic music."

K Caruso is one helluva an all around guy and a super slick shredder! He is also the man behind the popular Classic Album Night, a concert series where he and Las Vegas’ finest musicians play an entire record from first song to the last with great attention to detail.

The most recent was The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed. What a night of Rock n Roll that was. K tells us that it was so much fun that night that the core musicians are continuing with a new Stones tribute called TATTOO YOU. Past Classic Album Nights include, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Judas Priest, and the Prince epic “Purple Rain” which was such a spiritual night in Sin City. An emotion filled tribute to the iconic musician who had just passed away. Senior Caruso also has a country band called Outlaw Revival who will be hitting the studio soon so keep your eyes and ears open for that. As if that wasn’t enough he also writes the Guitar Porn feature here in Sin City Presents and he tours with Danny “The Count” Koker and the Count's 77 gang as Production Manager. He ensures every aspect of making that show happens from city to city and loves every second of it out there. K beams when he says, “ There is nothing like seeing this beautiful country with my brothers in 77!” “We have the best time out there and I’m honored and grateful to roll with those guys.” “ALLLOVE.”

Las Vegas drummer Shon McKee is a thirty plus year veteran of the music industry. He’s toured the US, many recording sessions, and spent a few years playing in the Las Vegas show, Country Superstars. Currently you’ll find him behind the kit with the Stoney Curtis Band and is a popular sub for many different bands and shows around Las Vegas. In April of 2008 he had a mind blowing experience when he got the opportunity to play with his all-time favorite band, you guessed it- KISS! His passion for helping kids get into music runs deep, in addition to being a co-founder of KISS Night in Las Vegas, he’s also actively involved in the first and only music program with the Boys & Girls Clubs, that being the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, in Brennan, SD.

Morpheus Blak has been playing Rock ’n Roll guitar for most of his life. As a teenager growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he feel in love with KISS just as they exploded on the

music scene with their classic live album, “Alive!” Blak has toured extensively over the years in Canada and the eastern U.S., and has been involved in a multitude of band and music projects over the years in both Canada and the U.S.. He is part of K’s “Classic Album Night” crew bringing some of the greatest albums of all time alive for fans to enjoy here in Las Vegas. Aside from delivering the goods on stage at each KISS Night In Las Vegas, Blak’s role in the organization is that of Graphic Designer (for which he holds a degree in). He helps shape the look and feel of the event, flyers, posters, t-shirts and other promotional and marketing materials. Blak is also a well-known DJ here in Sin City.