Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 45

building cities with my lego blocks. Racing my matchbox cars around the city. Making believe that anything that came to my head was possible. It took retracing my steps backwards to where it all began. It started when my father left us. I was only Seven. I had become a grown up at Seven, the man of the house. How overwhelming is that? It took me forgiving my father for what he had done to us (or what I perceived as him doing to us), and accepting that his reality is much different than mine.

He didn't do this to me personally, I did this to myself.

It took all of this for me to start retraining my brain to know that I do matter. That I am, in fact, the person that I am today because of it. I needed to believe again.

Some people run to religion, some run to drugs or alcohol or sex. In moderation, any of these can be fun or helpful tools for us. (I've always wanted to take a trip on ayahuasca). But each one of these things become crutches, band-aids to the real problem, until you can actually believe in yourself. Again, they are all TEMPORARY until you believe in yourself. Baby steps, Baby!

So how do we do this? Where do we start?

Like I mentioned above... get someone who can help you, guide you. If you don't have the means to get a coach, get a friend that you can lean on for a bit. Someone you can trust with all of your deep dark secrets. You need to go back to the root of the problem. Figure out where it all started by peeling back the layers of the onion.

There might be a lot of layers to peel back but if you don't start now there will be even more layers to peel back in the future.

For me it was delving into Summit Education when I lived in Florida. It was kind of like a Tony Robbins program. It had three phases. Basic, Advanced and the the Leadership course where I would have coaching calls every morning before I started my day. I equate it to Marine Corp Bootcamp, only for your soul. It took months of retraining to get the neural pathways to start new, healthier patterns. Kind of like grooves on a record. I dug so deep that I eventually became a coach.

You can go to a Tony Robbin's seminar or some other self help seminar for a weekend and it will have an impact, but for 99% of you it will be very short lived. It won't really stop the patterns. It will only put a band-aid on them. You need to really dig in and make yourself uncomfortable.

Facing your fears, your mistakes, and traumas will scare the shit out of you.

But when you finally reach that layer of the onion that has kept you where you are today you will smile and you will gladly start going deeper down the rabbit hole.

For me, that rabbit hole led me to The Law of Attraction. It started with a movie called The Secret which was a great introduction into the Law of Attraction. I hold these believes dear to me because after traveling down this spiritual highway it rang true to my soul. It was so simple that it was funny. You see, the basics of the Law of Attraction are this...

What you focus on becomes your reality.

Silly right? I mean, what if we could start our lives out believing this?

Let's break this down... What we focus on becomes our reality. Imagine this... You're driving down the highway heading towards where you want to go, you've got your GPS dialed in and all of a sudden you see something on the side of the road and you just can't get your eyes off of it, then your car crashes. You get out and say to yourself, "How did this happen? How did I end up here?" It happened because your focus was on something else. It wasn't a temporary glance.

Life is this way for most of us. We get down in the dumps and we crash. We can't take our focus off of what brought us to that point, instead of temporarily looking at it, recognizing it for what it is, and then focusing back our attention on our destination. This happens because we start believing it. We start believing it because we don't have the tools to recognize it for what it is, a temporary distraction.

Now this is a very basic introduction to this only for the sake of time and space for this blog, but I encourage you to delve deep down into that rabbit hole. Start peeling back the layers of the onion and soon the evil of this world that everyone perceives, will only be a temporary distraction to where your destination lies.

And remember this...

It's called a Spiritual Practice for a reason.

It must become a practice, every day, or it will fade away.

Peace, Love and Light

David Reed Watson

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Purple - The Best of Stone Temple Pilots and Scott Weiland

SAT MAY 7, 2016 - 10:00 PM

Hard Rock Cafe

3771 Las Vegas Blvd S

Purple Band Members:

Jeff C. Outlaw – Guitars

JP Michaels – Bass & Backing Vox

Johnny Rude – Drums

David Reed Watson – Vox

We are a Stone Temple Pilots & Scott Weiland Tribute Band. We started this as a one off show just to show our appreciation to STP and Weiland after his death. It was so successful and we got so many emails telling us that we should continue on. So here we are!

We hope you enjoy us as we play some of the music that we love so much.