Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 42



Photo Courtesy of Gary England



A special guitar in my arsenal is a very rare 1965 Hofner Senator model. This is the guitar that George Harrison was using in the early to mid-60’s Beatles, and of course McCartney made Hofner basses immortal. I’ve owned this guitar since the early 1980’s, and supervised a few restoration projects on it. It is now a viable player, and I actually paid homage to it several years ago tracking acoustic parts with it in a studio session. It’s a very special guitar that I am very fond of.

Last but not least.....

My dream machine RainSong WS 1000 acoustic. This is acoustic musical technology at its finest. Made entirely out of carbon fiber, it is impervious to any atmospheric extremes. Almost every last person that has seen it is skeptical, and then they hear it, sparkling, warm, and rich. Those are the only words needed. It’s a very expensive guitar. You get what you pay for in life, RainSong did their homework and are at the top of the heap. I’ve performed with this guitar countless times and people are always amazed (by the guitar, not my playing haha!).

K - I love the details man and some real gems bro. Why the Lawrence pups?

MB - Bill was one of the great innovators in the early days of the solid body electric guitar and magnetic pickups. A German born electrical engineer, physicist and blessed with a brilliant mind, as well as a great guitarist. He was hired by both Gibson and Fender as a consultant, and along with Seth Lover co-invented the famous Gibson PAF pickup. Because Seth was a direct employee of Gibson, Bill’s name is a bit in the shadows about his contributions to the first famous humbucker, as well as his significant refinements on the Les Paul. Bill took to making his own pickups, and I tried them out because Alex Lifeson and Joe Perry were both strong proponents of them in the late 70’s. I love them, as they are completely transparent and allow the guitar’s ‘voice’ to shine. At full tilt they are a great Rock pickup, but when you start backing off the volume knob, they clean up very nicely.

K - I’m glad we got to do this. We’ve spent many hours together over the 5 years of doing KISS Night and Classic Album Night rehearsals but we never really talked shop. I enjoyed my friend. Thank you

MB - Thank you for including me and See you all at Vamp’d Aug 27th for Kiss Night in Las Vegas 5!!