Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 38

k caruso #Guitarporn with MORPHEUS BLAK



Morpheus Blak is one of four partners in crime with me on Kiss Night in Las Vegas and we spend six months planning and plotting on how to make each year bigger and better. Featuring Mr. Blak in Guitar Porn made perfect sense as we were loading his gear into the studio to start production on this year’s show.

K - Kind sir, I gotta know right out of the gate what are these fabulous Marshalls about?

MB - My amps and speakers are all vintage Marshall. The 4x12 cabinet is a 1970. I was living in England in 1981 for about a year, and I bought this baby, and an early 70’s 50 watt Marshall Head. When I flew back home to Canada, I took those with me. The cabinet to this day has the Heathrow baggage tag on the handle - it’s been there for countless thousands of miles and shows! I have two nearly identical 100 watt JMP model heads, the top one is a 1979, the other a 1980. I had the chance to buy the 1980 when a former band mate moved to Europe years ago. The 1979, I bought somewhere around 1982 or 1983. Aside from tube replacement, all this gear has been rock solid over the years. Vintage Marshall gear is a one-trick pony, but no one has ever done “Rock” tone better than Marshall did in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

K - These are some handsome looking heads. They show no real wear. You must load in and out very careful.

MB - I do. Everything is treated like gold. I see your gear - some of your guitars look like they were run over by a truck (laughs). I’m gentle with my gals.

K - I’m not precious with my gear. To me they are tools of the trade. i never clean my guitars. They have mojo from every gig, including blood on one.

Morpheus squints his eye and shakes his head in disapproval.


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