Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 17


Eternal Voyager Continue to Carry

the Metal Flag

METAL BABE: Sounds like a great concept. What’s your writing process like and where do you get your inspiration?

BRIAN: I've always written songs starting with a great riff or guitar part that really sticks with me. That’s when I know it will be a great song. The lyrics are usually last. The inspiration comes when I happen to find something that makes me feel a certain way when playing. I write most of the best material by accident and that inspires me to make it into a song. It's hard sometimes, to find the right ideas and not repeat ourselves, but I always know when it's going to be something special. The lyrics usually come naturally, as far as the theme I have for Eternal Voyager. I have to go inside my thoughts to come up with some really good stuff. When it feels and sounds right, it usually is.

METAL BABE: How does this CD compare to ‘The Battle of Eternity?’

BRIAN: Well, in many ways it will be a lot different and more dynamic in production and sound. The style and spirit will never change though. It’s always gonna be 100% EV. This one has heavier and darker sounding songs in some ways… Definitely in terms of lyrical content. But it's basically a step forward in the journey as whole, and as a band. Some songs are older that just never fit the first CD as much, but fit this new second CD, and some are newer that I've written in recent years. It's definitely the right direction for who we are now.