Sin City Presents Magazine August 2016 Volume 3 Issue 8 - Page 16


Written by

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Eternal Voyager are in the process of recording their

second CD ‘Darkened Times,’ which is scheduled for release this winter. The lyrical content continues the good versus evil storyline started on their debut CD Battle of Eternity.’ However, with our current world situation, it has taken on a bit darker twist. I caught up with Brian Blake (vocals/guitar), who is “proud to carry the metal flag for this particular genre,” to get some insight on the Minneapolis-based power metal band.

METAL BABE: Since this is a Vegas based magazine, let’s start off with a Vegas question. As far as I can tell, Eternal Voyager hasn’t played Vegas yet, so if you could play Vegas, where would you want to play, and who would you like to be on the bill?

BRIAN BLAKE: Well, that's a good question, and since I don't know the venues in Vegas that well, I wouldn’t be able to really answer. We would play on any bill with bands that we would fit with, for our style of music.

METAL BABE: Sounds good. Hopefully that will happen at some point. Who’s in the band and how did you come together?

BRIAN: Jeff (drums) was on the first CD, and his friend Micah (keyboards/vocals) was naturally interested in joining us. As time went on, he became our lead vocalist/keyboardist. I met KJ (lead guitar) and Mike (drums) through a site called Band Mix. This lineup has proven to be the best, and I really couldn't do it without these guys.

METAL BABE: That’s great. Where are you at in the recording process of your second CD ‘Darkened Times’ and what can you tell us about it so far?

BRIAN: We have the drums done, and we had done a lot of pre-production, trying out ideas that became demos in the end, which we may release as bonus content at some point, but we ultimately ended up getting back to a real studio to do it properly. We knew we needed a new avenue with this one, and found the right people this time. The drum editing is taking some time, but the rest should go smoothly… We hope. We would like to have it out by early winter.

METAL BABE: What’s the lyrical content like on the CD? Is there an overall theme?

BRIAN: Well, it’s a continuation of the storyline of the first one, but it takes a darker turn, as it's titled ‘Darkened Times.’ The lyrics deal with the same topics, but more in depth than the first CD, as far as the complex storyline that will tend to run through all our albums. It's always been a story of good and evil, and the character on the cover will evolve as a mascot as well. He is now raising the army as in the first one, for the final days of mankind. With our current world situation I'd say ‘Darkened Times’ is a fitting title. The storyline is supposed to be a metaphor for the story of our lives and what we will face in the near future.