Sin City Presents Magazine April 2019 Volume 6 Issue 4 - Page 26

Kepha Arcemont

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Kepha Keeps It Real: Interview with Kepha Arcemont from Peace Of Blues

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen: It’s so great to have a chance to do this interview with you Kepha, and learn more about you and your background. Right after we started working together you played several shows at SXSW. How did the shows go? Had you played SXSW before?

Kepha Arcemont: Thanks Alison, it's great to be here! The shows in Austin were great! It was our first time playing Austin and it was during SXSW week, so the experience and the atmosphere during that week, and at the gig, was on another level.

Metal Babe: You seem like such a free spirit. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Kepha: Well, my mother was a hippie, and growing up in New Orleans helped to develop a certain personality. Growing up in a city like New Orleans is an experience in itself that I cherish and appreciate. The scene in New Orleans is very loose. The people are carefree and the music is so diverse. It helped me appreciate all styles of music and I got to experience so many different genres of music from jazz to punk and everything in between!

Metal Babe: That’s so awesome. When did you first start playing guitar? What was the first thing you learned to play?

Kepha: I started playing when I was 15 and it was a challenge because I'm a lefty and my first guitar teacher, Emily Remler told me to switch to play right-handed. Back then it was hard to find a left-handed guitar. She advised me it would be easier for her to teach me right-handed and I would have a better selection of guitars to purchase. Emily was a fantastic teacher and she was a jazz guitarist who went on to play and record with Larry Coryell, as well as putting out some great solo albums. At that time, I was into rock n’ roll and she showed me songs by The Stones, and Zeppelin. I still have the tabs that I used for practicing at the time. Some of the songs were D’yer Maker, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, etc... The negative side of switching from left to right-handed playing, was it went against my natural ability and I had to work extra hard to be a right-handed player! Here is a link to Emily Remler, who will always be my hero!

Metal Babe: That’s so interesting, and cool on Emily. I actually learned to play D’yer Maker when I took guitar lessons too! Tell me about the current lineup of Peace of Blues, and how you connected with Greg Copher (Bass/backing vocals) and Rocky Glover (Drummer/backing vocals).

Kepha Arcemont grew up in New Orleans, LA and has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old. Kepha formed Peace of Blues in 2014, and the band have played throughout Texas, including Abilene, San Angelo, Amarillo, and Austin. Recently they made their debut at SXSW and are in the process of working on new material for an EP that should be released later this year. It was great to have a chance to sit down with Kepha and learn more about him and the band.