Simply Elevate Issue 6 June 2013 - Page 6

Celebrating Our Dads Father’s Day Today we celebrate the fathers Of the past and the present, We do not take you for granted, For you we’re apart of how we became, Without you our lives would not be the same, You taught us to climb, fight, and protect, Couldn’t imagine the smile on your face The day we met, For just like you we are strong, You would never lead us wrong, For you are special in your own way Just wanting to wish you A Happy Fathers Day! By Pamela Williams What is a Father? Story by: James Johnson, Jr. F ather! What is a father? It can mean so many things to so many people; yet so few to others. I would like to use this moment to speak on what it means for me. Obviously, your father plays a tremendous part in your own etiology. Surely, you wouldn’t be here any other way, but it goes much deeper than that. Your father is the one who supposed to be there to teach you the rules of life, to be there for you mentally and physically, and to assist, alongside mom of course, at nurturing you into a productive member of society. For boys, he’s there to teach you how to be a man. I’ve been blessed beyond measure to have not just one; but two, of the best fathers around. Between my biological father, and my step-father, there’s no way I could have gone wrong in my life. From both, I have learned the true qualities of a man. I’ve learned the value of education and where it can taking you, ultimately completing high school and college, and now working to complete an M.B.A.. I’ve learned what it means to not just be a father, but to be a DAD, now having my own son. With their love and support, I have become the best father to my son. I’ve learned the true qualities of being a good husband, striving to take care of my family by all means. I’ve learned how to be a productive member of society, and the importance of showing love and compassion to others. My father has been the best example to me in my life, showing me that while things may not have worked out between he and my mother, I was still of great importance to him. He made it his priority to show me that I was still the priority. My step-father showed me the true meaning of a real man, one that treats the children of his future wife as his own. Never in my childhood did I feel any different. Anyone one he spoke with new me as his son! They have both been selfless, strong, understanding, and have been there for me when I needed them, good or bad. I can’t begin to imagine where I would be without the love, guidance, and direction of these two men. I have attained all that I have aspired for thus far because of their support, and continue to grow because of that. For that reason; Jerry L. Hogan & James G. Johnson, Sr., I wish to give tribute to you, on Father’s Day. 6 7