Simply Elevate Issue 6 June 2013 - Page 44

training or lack thereof. Jennifer was featured in a solo showing at the Creative Arts Center in Greensboro in February 2012 single-gallery/13199987 The vivacious young lady met our magazine owner, Derek Palmer, at the African American Atelier Roots Show a First Friday event in downtown Greensboro this past March where her work as displayed. Coming up this fall, Jennifer will have two pieces featured at the Reflection Gallery in the hospital at the Cary Campus of Wake Med. However, don’t m iss out! Here is her website: You may also check out products you may buy with her art here at Zazzle (very cool!) Don’t miss out on this up & coming luminary! Theby: Transcendent JennKenn Story Lyla Lynch Photos by: Derek Palmer ennifer Kennedy, known as JenKenn, is a creator of beauty. Jennifer’s vibrant blending of colors in abstract designs is each as deep and profound as is this vibrant young lady. Virtuoso, indeed! Jennifer is so much more than a superior artist. She is currently working as an office manager at AT&T Multicultural Student Center. A job that involves planning programs, keeping up with a lot of paperwork, handling budgets, J etc., all this while continuing her education, working towards her Masters of Business Administration. Not only that, folks! She is also a very proud mother of two Chihuahuas, Franklin Preston Kennedy, and Isabella Dawn Kennedy. Jennifer aspires to have her work hanging in the Guggenheim one day. She’s painting her way to her dream! “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” Vincent van Gogh Jennifer creates with the vibration of her energy and emotion while painting with acrylic, oil, alcohol ink, and watercolor. Sometimes she can even be found designing “completely organic” with a blindfold on. Now that is In Spirit(ed)! In viewing her pieces you can detect the “mood” she was in by the colors chosen. Jennifer can even be caught on occasion painting with her feet! Now that’s moving with the groove! Unbelievably enough, Jennifer has received no formal training at all. An endeavor of hers is to one day own a small gallery one day and to showcase all types of artists not dependent on the individual’s 44 45