Simply Elevate Issue 6 June 2013 - Page 38

answers on your tests. When you research, you prepare yourself to make the right choices of the options put before you. You increase the chances of your success by “Studying” or “Researching” properly. However, when you don’t study, or research, you increase the chances of failure. None of us can say that we “Like” the idea of failing or that sinking feeling we get when we are not successful in reaching our goal. And Just because we have so many options at our fingertips to succeed at whatever we try to do, none of us should fall by the wayside of life! For the future School Teachers, Doctor’s, Scientists, NFL and NBA prospects, or Engineers that are reading this commentary, You are no less than your failures, and no more than your successes! And right now, it’s all up to you and the choices you make that determine whether you reach your destiny, or fail at the at- our “Hindsight” reminds us that we didn’t prepare for the challenge. Well studying or researching what is available to us in life only prepares us for the success that we all truly deserve. And no matter what your circle of friends may say, we ALL deserve to be successful in our lives. tempt. It’s all in your hands and a very important component of this idea is you understanding of the balance of winning and losing. So I’ll ask the question…What are you doing right now to secure your future? The second other factor of importance is, “Building Relationships”. Sometimes, you never know who’s sitting next to you. It is very important that when you make alliances, you make the best of alliances. That is, taking advantage of every option put before you but having the where-with-all to make solid, conscience decisions in the process. If you have already chosen your field of interests and are serious about it, tug at the “You” that has become complacent and satisfied to reach out to those companies, or people that you think would be a benefit to what you are doing with your life. And here, we come back to one of the first components of my presentation today, which is “Research”…remember? Take a moment away from leisure activities and research that company that you may want to work for or, research the field that you may want to start your own business in and begin to make some “friends”/ alliances. When you leave a good impression on the people that you connect with, they remember you. They remember how you made them feel at the moment that you met them. And as a bonus, it never hurts to know subtle points of interest about their company or their history when you approach them. It is a good way to start your climb to your own success. The third and last component that is “Key” on the road to your destiny is “Giving Back”. As I mentioned in the second portion of my presentation today relative to “Building Relationships”, you never know who you’re sit- ting next to. The person that you least expect to be the next billion dollar business mogul, or history changing scientist may hold some significance in you reaching your dream. One very good example is to start reaching out to the youth in your neighborhood. Take a few moments out of your busy schedule to mentor someone in your block or a child that is not as fortunate as you are, maybe your neighbor’s little kid who has some problems adjusting to growing up. Nothing can match the feeling you get when making a difference in someone’s life when you give from your heart. No matter what you are giving. I’ve found that this idea helps me to stay rooted, grounded, and focused on what I give and it also allows me to be disciplined enough to give more than is required of me. So, in closing, I would like to leave you with this thought….Whether you are successful I life or not, YOU are the result of the choices you make! If you choose to share your gifts with others, your efforts in l YH[][\K[[[H\H]\ۈH[X[H][x&]HZ[][K]\ۈX^H^HH\HYۚYX[\[[[[HXX[\YH\[K܈[Y[[]Y\[ۜΈ\]˛Y]MX[\\\˝^ KܞX[܈[XZ[X[ۙX[YYXPXZ[ B˜[\Y[]]KB˜[\Y[]]KBB