Simply Elevate Issue 6 June 2013 - Page 28

As Long As I’m Living My Daddy You’ll Be Story by: Lyla Lynch s a little girl I had these pajamas I just LOVED. They said, “My heart belongs to Daddy”. It was true then and it is true today. Let me tell you a little about this amazing man. Yeah, I’m biased. I’ll let you decide. When an infant my dad swooped in one night, having gone AWOL from the Navy, to rescue the five of us from an absentee sick mother who was not able to care for her children she’d been left with while he was out at sea. Had he not done that very heroic act, well, we would have gone into foster care, been separated, God only knows… He did it. He was a man among men, to be sure. Due to my dad, and his name is Joseph by the way, well, due to his needing only a few years more in the Navy before retiring after twenty years of service, he delivered us to our aunt’s home in Hudson, New York. Now I was the youngest of ten. Fun & chaos prevailed! Well, this would be why I did not know him. He would only come home rarely while on leave. He would shower me with love, play with me like no adult had ever played with me, and make me, this shy little girl, feel important and loved . Even so he was a scary stranger to me as he was this big, burly man who would scoop me up and lather me with kisses one minute, and in the next I would hear him scolding, with a thunderous boom of a voice, one of my siblings. I always received the tenderest version of my dad with my being the youngest. It is not something I take for granted in the least. It was a beautiful gift. So. There is that! When I was seven we were all reunited with our Dad in North Hollywood, California, where he bought a house, had a job in the theater business with the help of his brothers, and so began my journey of getting to know this man who was my father. What a man he was….he would take in any stray, stray person or animal (though he was painfully allergic to cats, so that was a nono, my sister’s got busted on occasion), he would A Tributes A Father A father does more than sign a birth certificate, he is significant. To the seeds he sew, it’s his life he owes. To watch them grow, tell them yes or no. When they’re down and sad, to make them glad. Support at graduations, promotions and wedding celebrations. A father does these things and more. He sticks around to see what plans are in store, for the child he raised to hear one day say, “Happy Father’s Day.” MaKetta Wright always say, “yes”, to those who needed help be it family, friend, or stranger, up until the day he died, quite literally. In early September 2010, my friend was flying back to Ireland with her mom and for some reason the flight was cancelled. My dad told me to get a hold of them (I had no means of doing so at this point) so that they could stay at his home; absolutely no hesitation, no delay, no thinking about it at all. That is just the kind of man he was. He transitioned on September 28th of the same year, so this was when he was sick. It did not matter. I could go on and on and on…. My dad taught me, by example, how to be the woman I am today. I have all of these lovely daddisms that play in my head daily…things he would speak to me throughout my life. He was much cooler and more open-minded than I had ever truly suspected or understood. I received copies of my hospital records when I nearly died as an infant; it was his signature everywhere… he was consistently there with me. He raised five children not knowing what in the world he was doing, but he did so with humor and perseverance. Let me say that Consumer Reports was his best friend. It was a Bible to him in many respects. He was a man of integrity and honor. I can say that to you and it may not mean anything but it means everything to me. I can tell you that I know I have not always done things to make him proud of me, to be sure, but he never turned his back on me, never. I am the proudest daughter ever as I know in my heart and soul that my dad always did the best he was capable of doing. Always. I love him heart and soul. As long as I am living my daddy he’ll be; and my heart will always belong to this hero of mine. Our readers have given a shout out to their mothers. It is also great to have participation to honor the fathers. We all know a good man is SO hard to find. So here are tributes... To Dad. Tribute From: Dante Simonsen to the Father of our children Tribute From: Brenda Davidson to the Father of our Children My husband is a wonderful father to our children. He has been in the military for almost 17 years and throughout that time he has managed to the most amazing father to our two children. He came into my life when my daughter was 4 and took on the roll of husband and father without hesitataion. He adopted her and told me he loved her from the first day he met her. We added a son to our family and not a day went by that my husband didn’t work to make our family better. He has deployed several times and spent a lot of days away from us, but never missed a chance to call and always made sure he talked to each of usstaying up to date with the kids school and extra activities. He even managed discipline from overseas. Always made me smile to know that his children respected him even when they knew he was no where around. He has made all of us feel like we are his whole world. He always told our daughter “find a man that treats you like I treat your mom”. He is an amazing “Dad”. Happy Father’s Day to the man God blessed me with “Charles “Duke” Davidson” On this Father’s Day here is a wish for you I wish for continuous blessings in your life as God guide, protect, and strengthen you. For good health, long life and prosperity. You are the most woderful husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle in the world. We Love You Dearly. Your Wife, Brenda 28 29