Simply Elevate Issue 6 June 2013 - Page 20

Meet Elias Out of pain... Power Story by: Danielle Walker T Meet: Supreme 7 his Little Rock, Arkansas native, Elijah Manuel Ash, has spent his formative years dedicated to the Christian faith. He has been singing from the tender age of 3. Even at such a young age, this dynamic, powerful servant of God demonstrated an advanced interest in music and a strong anointing for singing the praises of the Lord. Because of his Hispanic heritage, when he was nine years old, Elijah decided that his stage name would be the Spanish translation of his Biblical name - “ELIAS.” (Pronounced: EH-LEE-OZ). After enduring many years of elementary and middle school bullying, Elias was inspired and led by God to also write lyrics related to overcoming such taunts. He is a true advocate against any type of bullying in the schools and /or social media taunting. Since reconsidering two major secular offers, Elias has proceeded with his calling from God to minister through songs and praises and has released his first project, “ALL ABOUT GOD”. Elias is aware that nothing is about him or his voice, or his powers. Everything that he has been able to do in his 16 years of life has been through the grace of God. Because it is ‘ALL ABOUT GOD’, Elias is still determined to use his voice to worship God and inspire his fans and listeners. He looks forward to a long anointed career in the music industry as a Contemporary Christian and Inspirational recording artist. Since the release of his 1st project, “All About God 2010”, Elias has received an offer for national distribution, which he has considered signing. Elias is currently working on his second project, “The Promise”, to be released soon! Elias has been a true inspiration to not only himself, but also to the many people that he comes into contact with on a daily basis. May his steps be continually ordered by the Lord. T Story by: Danielle Walker the number seven representing completion, the Supreme 7 believe that with God as our Head, we are complete. As with many groups, the Supreme 7 have endured trials, tribulations, and many changes. Through all of this, came their song “So Much to Shout About.” The Supreme 7 have obtained several awards and nominations such as: 2004 American Gospel Quartet Award, 2005 Luther Barnes Classic Award, and first ballot nomination Grammy for “Another Yes.” They count it an honored to have graced the stage with the Mighty Clouds of Joy, Highway QC’s, Swanee Quintet, and other noted legends. In 2012, God blessed this magnificent group to record under their own record label, PURE PURPOSE MUSIC GROUP in Jacksonville, Florida. By the grace of God, they have come a long way!! We, the Supreme7, ask for your continuous prayers that “All Night and All Day,” we will keep “Working for Jesus.” he Supreme 7 was formed in July 1997 under the leadership of Antwione K. Peterson, Sr. and Marcus A. Allen. Singing the gospel “The Old Time Way,” the founding members-Demetrius Starling, Hason Johnson, Willis Harris, Lamont Murphy, Xavier Brand, and David Moore, paved the way they now travel. In 1999, Antwione Peterson (then musician with The Gospel Keynotes) invited Corey Young and Kevin Thompson (musicians with Robert Blair and the Fantastic Violinaires) to join the Supreme 7. In 2002, Steve Walden (musician for the Bolton Brothers) joined this group. Within the past five years, Julius Carson, Justin Manning, and Andre “Smiley” Ellis (former musician of The Gospel Keynotes) have become “Available” to the song ministry of the Supreme 7. So often people inquire as to why they call themselves the Supreme 7 when you only see six performers. God is always with them wherever they may go; He saved them, and united them with a divine purpose. God will always be the Head of their ministry. With “Praise is the mode of love which always has some element of joy in it.” ~C.S. Lewis 20 21