Simply Elevate Issue 6 June 2013 - Page 14

Luxury Style with a Custom Touch Fashion Designer On The Rise designer. Saladine had already established his brand in his early ages. Saladine had a love for fabric and colors. He began designing custom suits for men and women of all sizes. He also designed custom vests for his clients. Saladine took proud in his work. His average design takes about 4-6 weeks to create. He wants to make sure that he is delivering a signature design that is specific to each client. Saladine describes Saladine’s Styles as luxurious and elegant. When a client is wearing a vest made by him, people know that it is a Saladine’s Styles design. His brand is definitely recognized by many. Saladine has also done custom pillowcases and draperies. There is no limit to his creativity. Saladine lets his creative eye lead him in many areas. Saladine’s Styles has been strongly influenced by the fashion era of the 1940-1950’s. During this time, the men wore suits, v-neck sweater vests or knotted waistcoats over a shirt and tie. The suits consisted of dark blue, dark brown and charcoal. The ties were also uniform and dark. Saladine was influenced by a combination of all designers during that era. Saladine meshed their designs with his own classy flavor. He has added colors to his custom designs, which gives his fashion a vibrant appeal. Saladine’s Styles is evolving with today’s trends in fashion. Sean Jean and Hugo Boss have provided a urban and classy look that is portrayed in Saladine’s Styles. Saladine El would like the opportunity to work with the fashion designers of Sea