Silver and Gold Magazine Summer 2020 - Page 30

supporting instant news and new patterns of working or studying from home; also water treatment, and much more. Some are government regulated to guarantee fixed and increasing payments for years to come. Others pay more as the economy grows and traffic increases. Learn more: Infrastructure Income. Fixed Income focuses on bonds issued in Canada and abroad, by federal and lower levels of government, and also corporate bonds and loans. If you recall when interest rates were 15%, they’re now mostly below 1%. This completely changes the math of money as we age. Investing in fixed income alone could force savings to be exhausted in only a few years. This is why pension funds and prudent investors rely on major benefits of dividends, real estate and infrastructure income, to enjoy life with less risk and higher returns. Learn more: Fixed Income. Life Pay-Out Annuities are an insurance company’s guarantee of a set income for life. People may find the greatest advantages starting these contract(s) between age 70 and 80. An expensive option is indexing to increase payments annually – it seems a steep price-tag if your opening income drops by half. Instead of that, using the other four keys we’re discussing can assure more generous and flexible income when you need it. See Life Annuities. Buying a house? Refinancing? Self-Employed? Renewing? Let’s Talk! 289-456-4617 FSCO #10315 PLUS: in addition to the five keys or mandates above, we want to include specific high-conviction equity investments to increase long-term growth. Doing this reduces future risks and smooths your financial life journey, because the highgrowth basket at times will funnel its surplus into the fixed income basket when it is diminished by your regular spending. PUTTING IT TOGETHER. Earlier I promised to share what John, similar to Trudy, gave me twenty-five years ago. Unrelated and in different cities, the stresses of money and aging had hit both of these homes. John was selling their spacious house and gardens because at 70 it was too much work, and his wife’s illness required ongoing care and major expense. He told me that after selling their beautiful home, they would have to die in three years as the money would be gone. I was not yet in financial service and I had no answers for him at that time. These stories of Trudy and of John and his wife ignited my search for answers which could protect people as they age, and permit them to live fuller and more abundant lives. Confidence instead of concern, wealth instead of worry, safety of a secure income for life. How much safer is our money when we combine these ingredients for Life Income and lasting peace of mind? Well to be sure, we’ve never seen anyone run out of money when the plan has been put together in this manner. Fixed income along with government pensions and life annuities, provide a safe base for monthly income. Added to those are additional inflows from dividends, real estate, and infrastructure which tend to rise significantly through the years. And since everyone would like “a little more please” there is the “plus” for specific holdings to just grow for now, and add more safety for your future spending when personal comfort and expenses will cost more.• Brian Weatherdon of Sovereign Wealth Management Inc., is a Certified Financial Advisor, Retirement Coach, and consultant on wealth and aging. 905-637-3500 The information provided is general in nature, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for advice in any specific situation requiring appropriate legal, accounting, tax and other professional guidance. The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the issuer of any financial products for which the author may act as a distributor. Any names and/ or circumstances mentioned above are altered for confidentiality. + Did you know? click for an interesting tidbit! 30 Read + hear more: