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First let’s talk about FaceTime: It’s an App very similar to Zoom, although it’s only usable by those with an iPhone. Already installed on the iPhone and much simpler to use, with FaceTime you can simply click on the plus (+) button, add a contact, and select either audio only, or video. Calls are free, and time is unlimited. The person you contact must, of course, also have an iPhone. Not sure which brand of milk you were supposed to buy? FaceTime your spouse. So easy, and you’re probably thinking of ways to use it now, correct? Zoom on the other hand, is available to anyone and everyone – as long as you have downloaded and installed the App on your computer or phone. The downside of Zoom is that it only provides up to 40 minutes of free talking with the basic package, or pay for more talk time. Don’t let this discourage you! Zoom is a great application in which to talk and see your friends and family – or all of them at the same time, in the same conversation, even if they are in different parts of the world! Here’s how it typically goes: 1. You download the Zoom App for your computer or phone (click here) 2. Then, you schedule a meeting for a preferred time and date, and add your guest’s email address – it will then send them a link automatically, with a meeting number and password. They will click on the link, download the App if they don’t have it, and join the party – nothing for you to worry about. 3. If someone else has scheduled the meeting, you will receive and email (as per #2) and click on the link to install the App or join the party. 4. The person who schedules the meeting must “let you in”, so sometimes waiting for a few seconds is normal. 5. Zoom will ask you to allow use of your camera and microphone. This is normal, don’t panic! Give in and make the best of your private party. By installing the Zoom app on your computer or phone, you’ll best be able to see everyone in the conversation on a much larger screen, while on a phone you’ll be able to walk around showing them your garden, your meals, or your family and pets, which makes for a much more interactive conversation. Don’t be afraid to try out new technology, and to become a zoomer! In these days of uncertainty and while we all distance to keep safe, programs like Zoom and FaceTime help us share our world (for free), and make our quarantine much less isolated. CLICK for a link to Zoom, to try your hand at some free online events! Bringing the Best in Live Theatre Since 1953 When The Lights Go On Again We’ll Be Here For You! Stay Safe! All at the Drama Centre, Central Park, 2311 New Street, Burlington. Tickets at 905-639-7700 or WE LISTEN. WE ORGANIZE. WE MAKE LIVES BETTER. DOWNSIZING & RELOCATION ESTATE ORGANIZING HOME & SMALL BUSINESS ORGANIZING Contact us at 905 691 4414 / Silver & Gold Magazine ~ SUMMER 2020 13