Silver and Gold Magazine Summer 2020 - Page 12

YOU CAN BE A ‘ZOOMER’ TOO! Although a ‘zoomer’ is referred to as a person from generation Z – or those who are the children of Gen-X-ers and grandchildren of Boomers – we’re talking about the redefined zoomer: Those who use Zoom to chat! The current situation has certainly pushed us to use our electronics much more than ever: To connect with friends by social media (like on Facebook to see what they’re eating, Instagram to see photos of their gardens or pets, and Twitter to agree with comments about a television show), many of us have been left with wanting more, especially to hear and see each other live. Enter Zoom, and its (somewhat friendlier) rival, FaceTime. Free Call-In Counselling Please call 289-291-5396 and you will be contacted by a counsellor within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. Ages 16+. Funded in part by 12 Read + hear more: