Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 4 AUTUMN 2016 O n Fa c L ik e us f e b o ok : o ch a n c e t r y o ur o WI N ! 16 12 20 12 | GOOD LIVING SHOW: Follow up and photos 14 | WHY COLOURED MULCH ISN’T GOOD Consider the longevity of your garden 15 | CASHING OUT EQUITY: Comparing Sell ’n STAY with Reverse Mortgages 16 | FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS 18 | ATTITUDE AND HEALTH The influence that expressing gratitude has on your health 4 20 | LEARNING QIGONG Your whole-health solution 24 | TAPPING INTO EMOTIONAL FREEDOM ‘EFT’ is not a new method, and it CAN help you! 26 | A TIME TO REMEMBER A new concept for the memorial of a loved one 28 | PASSING ON THE COTTAGE 29 | YOUR GOLDEN YEARS Enjoying them with money! More articles, recipes & events online: