Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 3

Foot Care Special SENIORS DAY $35 Inquire for details For the past few months at the clinic, we have seen many patients with complaints of ingrown toenails. Here’s some information from our Chiropodists to help prevent this painful and sometimes debilitating issue: We’ve expanded our services! Trim your toenails straight across Don't curve your nails or cut the down into the corners. If you have your toe nails done at a salon, be sure to tell your pedicurist to trim your nails straight across. If you have a medical condition that causes poor blood flow to your feet, see one of our Chiropodists regularly to have your nails trimmed. Foot care & Orthotic Centre Acupuncture Relieve pain, improve sleep, digestion and more Keep toenails at a moderate length Trim toenails so they're even with the tips of your toes. If you trim your toenails too short, the pressure from your shoes on your toes may cause the nail to grow into the tissue. Wear shoes that fit properly Shoes that place too much pressure on your toes or pinch them may cause a nail to grow into surrounding tissue. If you have nerve damage to your feet, you may not be able to sense if your shoes fit too tightly. Take caution and wear properly fitted shoes. Physiotherapy Chiropractic Relieve joint and muscle pain Restore and maintain fuctional movement and pain relief Sports Injury Rehabilitation One-on-one water based, assisted by our professionals Wear protective footwear Be cautious when wearing sandals as toes can easily be injured. If housework or renovations put you at risk of injuring your toes, wear protective footwear, or if needed, steel-toed shoes. Check your feet regularly If you have Diabetes, check your feet daily for signs of ingrown toenails or other foot problems. Address any issues immediately rather than waiting for problems to subside. Avoid self treatment Fight the urge to pick at the nails, skin or cut the nail on your own. Self injury can also cause the nail to become worse or get infected. Instead, visit us and seek Chiropody treatment. BURLINGTON Burlington Professional Centre 3155 Harvester Rd., Suite 103 905-333-8555 Aqua-Therapy As always, no doctor referral is necessary - call us! NEW BURLINGTON LOCATION Inside Cedar Springs Health Club 960 Cumberland Avenue 905-635-5711 MILTON OMNI Health and Rehab Centre 310 Main Street E., Suite 108 905-876-8885