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Discovering: A Time To Remember – By Tom Flannery A tribute for the traveller Celebrate your loved one’s curiosity about the world and devotion to discovery with a special tribute to their road well-travelled. We will help you design a customized memorial tribute that is just right. For immediate need or planning ahead, call: 905-637-5233 Dodsworth & Brown Funeral Home Burlington Chapel by Arbor Memorial We’ve all been there – the memorial of a loved one. We have listened reverently to the Eulogy and the remembrances from loved ones, and were comforted by lovely music and flowers as the crowd dispersed for coffee and conversation. It’s beautiful, it’s traditional, and it’s still the choice of many families. But now, with so many options in funeral planning, there are new possibilities for remembrance. Today, we can do more than honour the individual – we can celebrate their individuality. An innovative concept called “A Time to Remember” is answering a growing demand for funerals that are as unique as the lives they celebrate. Offered locally at Dodsworth & Brown, Burlington Chapel, A Time to Remember is step-bystep planning that serves as a source of inspiration to help families customize services. For any taste and budget, A Time to Remember has an abundance of visuals that helps spur ideas, making it easier to choose elements based on personality, or themed packages that focus on hobbies and interests... Art Lovers, Movie Buffs, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and more. 2241 New Street, Burlington Arbor Memorial Inc. Enough Plastic Already! Ad size: 3.625” x 4.75”h CLR Publication: Contact: Rachel Format: high res PDF Due: August 25 Ad#: PRT-061-S-Planning MISC AD (from Bishop Gr.) ©Arbor Memorial Inc., 2016 Imagine a visitation held as a BBQ with everyone wearing the colours of the loved one’s favorite sports team. Perhaps an evening of fine wines and a gourmet meal would make for a more meaningful tribute – or a funeral that includes the joyful releasing of butterflies or doves. Whether creating plans for a loved one or for yourself, today’s funerals can be an event that illuminates the character of one irreplaceable soul, and in doing so, may provide a deeper sense of connection and comfort for family and friends facing loss.• Tom Flannery is the Manager of Dodsworth & Brown Funeral Home – Burlington Chapel. 905-637-5233 Sign our Petition! Read. Learn. Sign our Petition! Silver & Gold Magazine Celebrating our 10th year! ~ Autumn 2016 27