Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 25

For videos and complete step-by-step instructions, please visit Putting it all together Now you will need to tap on each of the points depicted below while you are stating the positive affirmation. This will only take a few moments to do. • Select an appropriate affirmation • Carefully “tune in” to your problem by actually trying to hold the problem in your thought • State the affirmations in a loud voice with great passion, energy and enthusiasm If you do this while tapping the points described earlier, it is highly likely you will notice a major decrease in the issue or problem that you were tapping for. If your problem or issue resolves completely, you are done with the tapping. Sometimes the first round of tapping doesn’t completely eliminate a problem because a new issues or issues that prevent further progress show themselves via the tapping. These issues -- whether images, conversations, interactions or in some other form -- are in some way related to the first problem being addressed -- sometimes they are part of or the core of the cause, sometimes they are a result. The barrier restricting your emotional health, in other words, is made up of more than one brick -- and you must eliminate all the bricks. If this is the case, you should do additional rounds of tapping as necessary to eliminate all the issues.• Collar bone Under the arm Wrist/Hand Stop Snoring! Stop Sleep Apnea! Stop torturing your sleep partner every night! • Yes, all three tortures may be stopped the very first night you take this natural health remedy. • You will sleep well again and consequently have more energy all next day. • Natural supplements are not altering our body’s chemistry and cause virtually no side effects. • Not habit forming. Take it every night or just when needed. • Helps you also to fall asleep. Sleep satisfaction is guaranteed.