Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 22

WELL-BEING Your hearing DOES matter! Foods for improving hearing Potassium: Responsible for regulating the amount of fluid in your blood and body tissue. As we age, potassium levels lower. Potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, raisins, bananas, melons. – By Elka Gold, Audiologist   Your mother was right: Put nothing smaller than your elbow in your ear. Zinc: Responsible for cell growth and healing wounds, as well as for boosting immune system, which helps lower ear infections and parasites. Dark meats, cashews, almonds, beans, peas, oysters. Magnesium: Combats the effects of free radicals emitted during loud noises. Lack of magnesium can cause blood vessels to shrink. Bananas, artichokes, potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes. Folic Acid: Critical for generating new cell growth, and reducing hearing loss. Liver, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, healthy cereals. Bottom line: Refrain from consuming too many frozen or canned foods, and choose fresh ingredients! S OF HELPING PEOPLE hear better......                      6HQVHRI+HDULQJLVPRUHWKDQDSODFHWRFRPHWRIRUKHDULQJDLGV:H FRXQVHORXUSDWLHQWVRQKHDULQJKHDOWKDQGSURYLGHVROXWLRQVWKDWDUHDV GLIIHUHQWDVWKHLULQGLYLGXDOQHHGV$W6HQVHRI+HDULQJ\RXFDQFRXQWRQRXU VWDIIIRUWKHIROORZLQJ THE SERVICES WE OFFER: thE sErVicEs WE OffEr 6HQVHRI+HDULQJLVPRUHWKDQDSODFHWRFRPHWRIRUKHDULQJDLGV:H ‡&XVWRP+HDULQJ3URWHFWLRQ Neccessary • ‡)5(($GXOW+HDULQJ7HVW FREE FRXQVHORXUSDWLHQWVRQKHDULQJKHDOWKDQGSURYLGHVROXWLRQVWKDWDUHDV Adult Hearing Test • No Referral ‡+HDULQJ$VVHVVPHQWV ‡,Q+RPH6HUYLFH$YDLODEOH GLIIHUHQWDVWKHLULQGLYLGXDOQHHGV$W6HQVHRI+HDULQJ\RXFDQFRXQWRQRXU • Custom Hearing Protection • Hearing Assessments VWDIIIRUWKHIROORZLQJ ‡6DWLVIDFWLRQ*XDUDQWHHGRU5HIXQG Guaranteed or Refund • ‡+HDULQJ$LG'LVSHQVLQJ Hearing Aid Dispensing • Satisfaction ‡)5(($GXOW+HDULQJ7HVW ‡&XVWRP+HDULQJ3URWHFWLRQ ‡6XGGHQ+HDULQJ/RVV ‡(DU:D[5HPRYDO • Ear Wax Removal • Sudden Hearing Loss ‡+HDULQJ$VVHVVPHQWV ‡,Q+RPH6HUYLFH$YDLODEOH ‡'LUHFWELOOLQJIRUPRVWLQVXUDQFH • Direct billing for most insurance • ‡7LQQLWXV 'L]]LQHVV7KHUDS\ Tinnitus Therapy ‡+HDULQJ$LG'LVSHQVLQJ ‡6DWLVIDFWLRQ*XDUDQWHHGRU5HIXQG FRPSDQLHV ‡1R5HIHUUDO1HFHVVDU\ ‡6XGGHQ+HDULQJ/RVV ‡(DU:D[5HPRYDO companies • Vestibular Assessment nd Carolina ‡7LQQLWXV 'L]]LQHVV7KHUDS\ ‡'LUHFWELOOLQJIRUPRVWLQVXUDQFH VXLWDEOH $QGRIFRXUVHZHDOVRSURYLGHKHDULQJDLGFRQVXOWLQJSUHVFULSWLRQV FRPSDQLHV ‡1R5HIHUUDO1HFHVVDU\ mberley Holloway and Carolina And of course, we also provide hearing aid consulting, prescriptions, $QGRIFRXUVHZHDOVRSURYLGHKHDULQJDLGFRQVXOWLQJSUHVFULSWLRQV dispensing, fitting, follow up and repair. FHGLQ FDOUROHLQÀQGLQJDVXLWDEOH GLVSHQVLQJÀWWLQJIROORZXSDQGUHSDLU QJQHHGV([SHULHQFHGLQ XQJWKH\·UH HOGHUO\DQGWKH\RXQJWKH\·UH YHGRQHV· DO\VH\RXRU\RXUORYHGRQHV· ÀGHQWO\ PVWDQFHVDQGFRQÀGHQWO\ GLVSHQVLQJÀWWLQJIROORZXSDQGUHSDLU ´7KHZRUOG·VÀUVWDQGRQO\LQYLVLEOHZHDUDEOH ´7KHZRUOG·VÀUVWDQGRQO\LQYLVLEOHZHDUDEOH VZHDWSURRIVKRZHUSURRIKHDULQJGHYLFHµ VZHDWSURRIVKRZHUSURRIKHDULQJGHYLFHµ PPHQGDWLRQV,WDOOWDNHV OWDNHV GFRPIRUWDEOHHQYLURQPHQW RQPHQW JWKH2DNYLOOH&RPPXQLW\ RPPXQLW\ ry cOnsuLtAtiOn ry hEArinG scrEEninG CAN. CAN. lyric certified PrOVider lyric certified PrOVider tiOn scrEEninG Suite 203 -1397 Oakville 905 339 1397, Burlington 905 681 8977 VHQVHRIKHDULQJFD Port Credit, Welland, Guelph, Stoney Creek, Vineland, Etobicoke f Our six LOcAtiOns JFD Your ear is actually self-cleaning, and ear wax is an integral part of that self-cleaning mechanism. Ear wax is produced by glands at the back of your ear canal close to the eardrum. The mechanism that self-cleans the ear canal moves the wax along the entire length of the ear canal and will eventually push it out of the ear. Along the way down your ear canal, the wax will collect dirt, debris, bacteria, and on occasion insects, and will move them out of the ear, protecting the delicate ear drum. S Celebrating    over20  years thE sErVicEs WE OffEr We are often asked how to clean the wax from ears. The short version is that for most of us, you don’t need to. 905-681-8977 905-274-3032 22 905-690-1633 INDEPENDENTLY OWNED When you use a cotton-swab, you disrupt this self-cleaning mechanism, and wax gets pushed back down the canal. After doing this multiple times, the wax may not be able to migrate out of your ear naturally and may actually create a blockage in your ear, causing loss of hearing until the wax is removed. If this happens, you will need to have wax removed professionally. So how do you clean your ears? Well, you don’t. The rule “Put nothing smaller than your elbow in your ear” still applies. There is really nothing you can or should do at home to safely manage the accumulation of wax in the canal. Use no ear drops or mechanical devices without having your audiologist or physician properly inspect your ear canal and ear drum. Nevertheless, some people do need help with the wax build up in their ears. Some people produce great amounts of ear wax. Others find that as they get older, the wax is drier and builds up in the ear. For these people, it is necessary to have the ear canal professionally cleaned.• Sense of Hearing can safely and effectively remove the wax from your ear should you have excess accumulation or blockage. OcAtiOns rth 905-336-9656 More articles, recipes & events online: 905-788-9449