Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 18 HOUSE + HOME Nurturing the Grandparent – Grandchild Relationship – By Trishna Mahtani Being a grandparent is one of the greatest joys one can ice cream sundae bar and more, you and your grandchild will experience in life. You are role models and influencers, providing your grandchildren with roots, a history, and a sense of continuity and perspective. The wisdom and experiences that you share with your grandchildren will grow in values as they become adults. Considering the impact that you have on your grandchildren and their lives, it is important to find ways to stay connected. Whether you live in the same city or a continent away from your grandchildren, here are ways to maximize your time together and forge that deep and loving relationship: Table for two – Take your grandchild out for a special meal at a restaurant that both you and your grandchild will love. With over 150 different dishes available on their award-winning buffet, Mandarin is the perfect place to enjoy one-on-one time with your grandchild. You will also create great memories walking down the beautiful buffet aisles with your grandchild and seeing what they gravitate toward. From delicious hot entrées, to a customizable salad bar, sushi bar, both be able to find all your favourites! Grab the old photo albums – Give your grandchildren the opportunity to see their parent as a peer. Kids are often surprised to discover their parents were once young too. Tell them the story of the day their Mom or Dad was born. Hearing tales of their parent as a little infant will be sure to bring a smile to your grandchild’s face. The same is true of stories highlighting Mom and Dad as a rebellious teenager. Bridge the gap – Even those grandparents and grandchildren that are separated by long distance still benefit from a loving relationship with each other. With today’s technology there are so many different ways for you to stay connected and involved in your grandchildren’s lives. Do you want to watch your granddaughter take her first steps? Or see your grandson hit his first home run in little league? With video chat programs like Skype, Google Hangout and FaceTime, you can make sure you never miss out on those important moments in their lives.• BURLINGTON Fairview/Brant 905-632-6000 ERIN MILLS Dundas/Winston Churchill 905-569-7000 NIAGARA FALLS McLeod/QEW 905-358-7000 18 More articles, recipes & events online: