Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2016 - Page 10 COMMUNITY Inspiring Our Community “ Dancing is my passion, not my hobby.” – Freda Crisp Freda Crisp is a native Hamiltonian and a Mountain girl, and little did she know when she walked down 21st Street at the age of five for her first Scottish dance lesson with Mrs. MacDonald, that in the years that followed she would develop a passion for dance and dance history that continues to this day. From that first lesson she has never stopped dancing. Locally, she went on to study ballet, tap, national dancing and baton twirling, and to her astonishment she managed to become a founding member of Dorothy Hurst’s Majorettes. A few years later she left Hamilton to study in London and New York with such renowned performer/teachers as Marie Rambert, Martha Graham, Jose Limon and Merce Cunningham. Returning to her native city, she performed, taught and eventually formed her own dance company, and she hopes that her passion for dance inspired some young dancers! In the late 1980s Freda made the decision to retire from actively teaching and performing dance. However, she continues her contribution to dance in Hamilton and Canada through her research, her writing, and her various reconstruction projects of historic dance. She is currently working on a history of theatre in Hamilton from 1800 to 1850 – a booklet on Hamilton dance teachers (1920-1940), and revising her Master’s thesis for publication. This past year she has begun to put her vast collection of research on the history of dance, music and theatre in Hamilton onto her website. This is the next step in fulfilling her passion for dance, and perhaps more importantly, sharing this part of her passion with others. You can view her latest passion at “ Regardless of age, believe you can and never give up! ” – Fred Burnell Fred Burnell of Beamsville has a passion for good music. He