Silver and Gold Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 4 AUTUMN 2015 O n li ne on ly : free S uga r- free , p ecti nja m re ci p e! 10 18 14 12 10 | INSPIRING FOLKS Everyone’s got a story to share. Share yours! 12 | PHOTO RESTORATION When’s the last time you sorted and looked through those old photos? 14 | AN APPLE A DAY It’s apple season – There’s more to it than apple pie! 16 | JUST ASK BOB Master Contractor Bob answers your reno questions 4 Check out our new website! 18 | MILKWEED NOW, MONARCHS TOMORROW We’re doing our part – do yours, join us! 24 | YOUR HOME CAN PAY YOU BACK House rich and cash poor? Here are some options 26 | ST. JACOBS FARMERS’ MARKET REVISITED If you thought it was closed for good, think again! This popular market has made a huge comeback ONLINE PRIZES: Visit us on Facebook for our monthly lunch-for-two draw: /silverandgoldmagazine